Negative Effect Of Lack Of Sleep Can Cause 6 Dangerous Diseases

We all know that Sleep is of extreme importance for the overall health of the individual.

It is for both mentally and physically.

It is a way to recharge after the long and stressful day.

Actually, while we are asleep, millions of processes continue to happen in the body such as:

- Helping the brain to store the important data in the memory.

- The cells work to repair the damaged tissue and regenerate.

However, when we lack sleep, all these functions fail to be done on time, and we wake up cranky and have difficulties to concentrate the entire day.

It's your right to know that it’s more important, we experience numerous side effects which can significantly endanger our health.

According to studies it has found that sleep deprivation can cause serious, even life-threatening conditions, from heart diseases, diabetes, to cancer.

We listed below the 6 diseases which are caused by the lack of sleep:

1. Alzheimer’s

- Scientists at Johns Hopkins University conducted a study in 2013 which found that a lack of sleep can cause Alzheimer’s disease and also affect the speed of its progression.

2. Suicide

- A 2014 study showed the relation between the increased incidences of suicide in adults and poor sleep, regardless of the previous depression history.

Note: The most susceptible to this effect of sleep deprivation were white males, 85 years or older, so scientists attributed the increased suicide rate to poor sleep linked to health issues, and stress increased with age.

3. Obesity and Diabetes

- Numerous studies and scientists have pointed out the relation between poor sleep and diabetes, but a team of researchers at the University of Chicago conducted a study which showed the way poor sleep potentially leads to obesity, and ultimately, causes diabetes.

4. Cardiovascular Disease

- The link between heart problems and the lack of sleep has been suggested numerous times before, but the strongest evidence for the strong correlation has been found by a recent study and presented at EuroHeartCare, the annual meeting of the European Society of Cardiology.

5. Prostate Cancer

- The journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention, published a 2013 study which showed that patients with sleep issues had an increased incidence and severity of prostate cancer.

6. Ulcerative colitis

- According to a 2014 study, sleep deprivation, and excess sleep may lead to ulcerative colitis, which is an inflammatory bowel disease manifested by ulcers within the lining of the digestive tract, as well as Crohn’s Disease.

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Do Not Eat Them: 10 Most Toxic And Dangerous Foods That Cause Serious Diseases

Whatever nutritionists say, you need to know that the truth is that these are not “genuine” nutrition.

These ingredients have been exposed to excessive preparation and are loaded with fixing made from man, which makes them very unrecognizable compared to their unique shape that makes it hard even for the body to know what to do with them.

A group of studies reveals that frequent consumption of this food can lead to a lethal develop that does harm to our general health.

Although these foods are generally considered to be safe for us and our body, we regret to inform you that it is untrue.

We listed below the following foods that are toxic and causes cancer:

1. Canned Soups

- Even though canned soups are generally considered healthy, they actually contain 890 mg of sodium. Excessive sodium intake retains the water, increases the blood sugar, and causes stress. This can eventually lead to heart attack.

2. Donuts

- Donuts are made of sugar and white flour and they also contain transt-fats. Besides affecting your body shape, trans-fats also increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

3. Fast Food

- The entire process through which fast food is prepared is very bad. In fact, fast food is one of the unhealthiest foods on the planet, as it is high in sodium, processed meat, and saturated fats.


- According to Patrick Holford, a famous nutritionist, the ability of a person to digest lactose, the major ingredient in milk, is significantly reduced as we age. Therefore, milk often causes bloating, food intolerance, inflammation, and acidic environment in the body.

5. Margarine

- Margarine contains trans-fats which are hardly digestible. Moreover, it increases the concentration of cholesterol and it causes damage to the blood vessels. The consumption of artificial foods creates a toxic burden in the organism which affects the liver. Therefore, you should stay away from margarine and replace it with natural and organic foods.

6. Potato Crisps

- When processed at extremely high temperature, foods tend to create a carcinogenic substance called acrylamide. According to Dale Hattis, a professor at the Clark University, this substance is the major cause of many cancers in the U.S. Moreover, potato crisps contain salt, meaning that they also contain high amounts of sodium. As mentioned above, sodium causes hypertension and high cholesterol levels, both of which increase the risk of stroke and heart attack.

7. Processed Meat

- Processed meats are high in nitrates and sodium, both of which are detriment for the overall health. According to the American Institute for Cancer Research, there is a strong link between the consumption of processed meats and the increased risk of colon cancer.


- Besides being the major cause of obesity and diabetes, sugar is also associated with many health issues linked to the liver, pancreas, and the digestive system. Moreover, sugar intake negatively affects the brain and disturbs the nervous system by 50 percent.

9. Soda

- Sodas contain too much sugar and chemicals which negatively affect the body. As a matter of fact, they reduce the level of supplements in the body. According to a study published by The Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention, the consumption of 2 soft drinks per week doubles the possibility of pancreatic cancer development.

10. White Flour

- The flour basically affects the body the same way sugar does, meaning that it affects the pancreas, causes imbalance in the insulin levels, and causes obesity. It doesn’t contain any nutrients, as the processing causes loss of nutrients and fibers of the wheat. The wheat is actually good for the body but the processing does more harm than good.

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Best Natural Hair Masks That Work Miracles In Under 15 Minutes

All female wants to achieve a gorgeous hair that will make them look stunning , but taking care of the hair is delicate and sometimes difficult to find a product that work so well on your hair.

Everyday of using blow dryers can overexpose the hair to heat and the different chemicals that we use on our hair results to damaging the hair.

The product in the market brings us numerous and various treatments for the hair that guarantees to return all the nutrients that our hair has lost.

However, we’ve all seen that not all of them works well and often so costly.

Today, in this article we are going to show you how to make your hair lovely and strong in an extremely quick time by using the natural options.

This home remedy will help you to restore the nutrients that your hair lost and will also strengthen your roots to avoid hair fall.

This two main ingredients are honey and cinnamon. Both of them offer great advantages for the hair as well as for the scalp.

This two ingredients can be found on your own kitchen, you can use this mask on any kind of hair (greasy, dry, smooth, wavy).

You’ll discover that the mask acts quickly and the outcomes are amazing.

Things you need:

1 teaspoon of cinnamon

1/2 a cup of olive oil

1 teaspoon of honey


Add 1/2 a cup of olive oil in a little pan and put it on fire. When the oil becomessufficiently warm, remove it from the fire and put it in a bowl instantly.

Then, add 1 teaspoon of cinnamon and 1 teaspoon of honey. Mix everything well using a spoon, up until you get a homogeneous mixture.


You need to use this mixture on your scalp, with a brush as an applicator.

The process must go like this: initially, divide the hair with a comb and start using from the back part up to the front part.

Leave it to act for 15 minutes. Wash your hair with a soft hair shampoo and apply a conditioner like you normally do.

Utilize the mask every day for one week. The excellent distinction will appear extremely quick and your hair will be healthier and shinier than ever!

See What Happen To Your Health When You Drink Water On An Empty Stomach After Waking Up

Drinking enough water during the day, you’re off to a great start!

Water plays an important role in the proper functioning of your body, and staying hydrated is important, but drinking a big glass of water on an empty stomach in the morning has its own purpose!

Regardless if this practice will save your life as many believe, here a look at many of the other proven benefits of drinking two full glasses of water upon waking up in the morning.

The practice should be perform first thing in the morning.

1. Before brushing your teeth, drink 640 ml (4 glasses of 160 ml) of water. Ideally, the water shouldn’t contain fluoride.

2. Brush and clean your mouth, but don’t eat or drink anything for another 45 minutes.

3. Have your breakfast as normal as what it is.

4. After breakfast, don’t eat anything for 2 hours.

The practice should be done regularly and different time frames are predicted to treat, improve or control different conditions such as:

- Gastritis – 10 days

- Constipation – 10 days

- Diabetes – 30 days

- High blood pressure – 30 days

- Tuberculosis – 90 days

- Cancer – 180 days

Drinking so much water can be equally as dangerous as not drinking enough. So start practicing now.

Why not? From the first place, it is the most affordable way in preventing and curing many diseases. So practice drinking plenty of water.

Color Of Your Menstrual Blood Reveals Something Dangerous About Your Health!

Women's Menstrual period occurs each month for a duration of 6-7 days.

During these days, a female may have abnormal cramps in addition to some other small issues, such as headaches and stomach aches.

Other cases indicates stress and anxiety depends on the color of menstrual blood and it is crucial to know exactly what certain colors suggest when you should get in touch with a gynecologist.

Listed below the various color of menstrual blood know them and be informed:

1. Heavy bleeding

- To the most women, at least one day is followed by profuse bleeding compared to other days of the cycle.

It is usually the second or third day, and it is quite normal.If you see some traces of blood ,you should immediately visit a gynecologist

Note: This phenomenon is due to early pregnancy or due to some hormonal disorder.

2. Orange – red

- If you notice that your menstrual blood is orange red,and it has an odor,you should visit a gynecologist.

This color shows that the blood is mixed with some fluids from the cervix,and this is a clear sign for some infection.

3. Bright

- In the menstrual period if you have a busy day at work the menstrual blood rapidly flow out of the body and does not have a time to get darker. In this case you should not be worry,because this is normal.

The problem occurs when the bleeding lasts longer than a week, and the blood becomes pinkish and not fades.

4. Brown – black

- These bloods has long been in the uterus and are usually seen early in the morning. Although may sound bad, brown or black blood is old blood backward not expired, but which for some reason have remained longer in the womb. It may have noticed when you CASS menstruation few days.

Note: In general it is about normal, but if you notice beside her yellowish color of blood, it can be a sign of infection.

5. Pink

- The menstrual blood is pink. But if it occurs earlier, for example in the middle of it, it may be a sign of early pregnancy, a hormonal disorder or other diseases of the reproductive organs.

6. Dark red

- Red colors of blood are quite normal, especially in the middle of. If the color does not fade and bleed more than usual, it may be a sign of spontaneous miscarriage or, at worst, for the presence of tumor.

During a menstrual cycle have been observed as the color of blood is sometimes brighter, sometimes darker, and many women are faced with punctuate bleeding outside the cycle.

Note: Be known that it is important to notice the color of the menstrual blood,because it can be a sign of anxiety.

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Remove Ova rian Cyst And Fibroids/ Myomas In Just 4 Days

The development of an ovarian cyst/s may happen in just one or both of the ovaries.

Usually ovarian cysts are harmless and will go away on their own, but sometimes ovarian cysts can become so large that they rupture, or cause damage to the ovary.

Another disease that women suffers is fibroids or myomas.

Fibroids, which are also known as myomas, are benign, non cancerous tumors that grow on the uterine wall. Same as cyst they are not that harmless but if not treated it will fall to a serious health problem.

Thousand of women around the world suffer from this condition especially young women and women in menopause.

In the article below, we are going to show how you can prepare this simple juice which can solve your problem with cysts and fibroids quickly!


* 25 liter of honey;

* 1 liter of beet juice.

How to prepare it: first you must count on the preciously prepared beet juice, or buy an already prepared one.

When you have the beet juice, place it into a blender and add the honey, and liquefy them.

Dosage: Take 1 glass of the juice with every meal daily. One glass after breakfast, one after lunch, and one after dinner.

In a few days the cysts and myomas will go away.

Heat Stroke First Aid : Best Thing To Do If You Become A Victim

Several countries near the equator has been suffering due to extreme heat brought by the El NiƱo.

And with the alarming case of global warming, it is predicted that the incidence of heatstroke cases and fatalities will also become more prevalent.


Heat stroke is the most severe form of the heat-related illnesses when the body overheats and cannot cool down.

The body cannot take off the excessive heat by sweating because of dehydration and/or humid environment.

When the body temperature reaches higher than 41.1°C (106°F), it is associated with neurologic dysfunction.


Hot and humid weather
Vigorous exercise in hot weather
Too much direct exposure to the sun
Infants, the elderly, athletes, and individuals who work outside


May start with the following signs of heat exhaustion followed by:

Warm, flushed skin
Very high fever of 41°C
Rapid heartbeat


Emergency measures:

1. Move the person to a shady spot or indoors and have him/her lie down with legs elevated.

2. If able to drink liquids, have him/her sip cool water in a SITTING position.

3. Remove clothing, apply cool water to the skin, and fan the person

4. Apply ice packs to the armpits, wrists, ankles, and groin.

Heat stroke is considered a medical emergency and complication increases when the longer it takes to begin treatment.

Complications can include:

* internal organ damage
* seizures,
* coma
* fetal harm or death in pregnant women
* death


During very hot and humid weather:
Limit the amount of time you spend outdoors.
Drink plenty of water.

Avoid tea, coffee, soda, and alcohol. Wear a wide-brimmed hat & long- sleeved clothing when outdoors. Schedule heavy-duty activities for the beginning or end of the day, when it’s cooler.

Behavioral responses are important in the management of temperature elevations and may provide clues to preventing the development of heatstroke.

Impressive Benefits of KAMOTE: Healthy Reasons To Eat More Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are native to Central and South America and are one of the oldest vegetables known to man.

They have been consumed since prehistoric times as evidenced by sweet potato relics dating back 10,000 years that have been discovered in Peruvian caves.

Christopher Columbus brought sweet potatoes to Europe after his first voyage to the New World in 1492. By the 16th century, they were brought to the Philippines by Spanish explorers and to Africa, India, Indonesia and southern Asia by the Portuguese.

Around this same time, sweet potatoes began to be cultivated in the southern United States, where they still remain a staple food in the traditional cuisine.

Worldwide, about 80 million tons of sweet potatoes are grown in China each year, with Africa producing about 14 million tons, Central and South America about 2 million, and the U.S. about 1 million tons.

Within the U.S., over half of all commercially grown sweet potatoes come from the southern states (especially North Carolina).

Well, when it comes to sweet potatoes’ goodness, it’s not all in the basic, dirty deets. Instead, it’s all about the micro and phytonutrients.

Sweet potatoes are jam packed with compounds that make them worthy of being on your plate.

Here are some facts of sweet potato that you should know.

1. Though sweet potatoes do have more sugar, they’re actually considered “low” on the glycemic index (GI) compared to regular white potatoes which are considered “high.”

This means you break down the sugars of sweet potatoes in your blood more slowly than white potatoes, which prevents a sharp spike in your blood sugar. This is good food for diabetic person.

2. It contains Beta-carotene that can work as an antioxidant for the body which prevents various diseases such as arthritis, asthma and gout. It can also protect the entire condition of the lungs as well as preventing breast cancer from getting severe.

3. Sweet potatoes are abundant in Vitamin A, enabling to regenerate the respiratory system especially for those people who smoke a lot of tobaccos.

4. Sweet potatoes can evenly dispense potassium levels on your body for the development of the function of the heart. The potassium can actually help you in lessening the impact of the sodium when it is consumed by our body.

5. Also, potassium that is found inside sweet potatoes is very excellent for healthy tissues and muscles. It has the ability to lessen the swelling and cramps which provides a strong energy and relaxation for the muscle. It can also regulate heartbeat and heart rate.

6. It is also loaded with Vitamin D that is really good in making the some parts of the body healthy and strong just like the teeth, bones, skin, heart and it also improves the energy levels which makes the thyroid glands works normally.

7. Sweet potatoes are rich in fibers and will totally help you in having a healthy digestion and also a detoxification.

8. Sweet potatoes can provide a large amount of Vitamin C for the body.

9. Sweet potatoes are loaded with folic acid which is required for the development of healthy fetal. It is good for all the pregnant women.

10. Last but not the least, you can apply the broth water of boiled sweet potatoes for treating skin conditions most especially for skin irritation, cleaning all the pores and removing impurities.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS): Best Natural Treatments to Soothe Your PCOS

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS is common in a lot of women of reproductive age who experience hormonal imbalance due to high levels of androgen of the male hormones.

Though the right cause why girls suffer from PCOS isn’t known yet, there are research linked to the condition to high level of insulin though this is one of the causes why the ovaries supplied extra androgen.

Below are some ways to get relieve with PCOS at your home:

1. Cinnamon

- According to study by the University of Columbia, cinnamon is one of the most potent remedy to improve the menstrual cycle, particularly in women with PCOS.

Additionally, another research proven that cinnamon can reduce insulin resistance as well.

2. Flax seed

- The super food can help lessen the levels of androgen in the body due to the ligans it contains.

These compounds can increase sex hormones binding globulin or SHBG production to link with testosterone. Flax seed is also important in fiber that can help hold up the metabolism of glucose.

3. Apple Cider vinegar

- One of the uses of ACV is to control the levels of blood sugar and insulin production.

If there’s less insulin in the body, there’s also less testosterone, which prevent the male hormone from making havoc.

4. Water

- Drinking at least 10 glasses of water on your daily basis can be helpful to flush free radicals in the veggies and fruits with high water contents, such as cucumber and watermelon.

5. Fenugreek

- Another home remedy to check is fenugreek, which improves metabolism of glucose and insulin resistance. In turn, this can trigger to balanced hormones.

Fenugreek is well-known for lessening cholesterol, which can support in reducing weight and even help in heart health.

Aside from the ones mentioned above, you should also monitor what you’re eating food. Have a healthy diet that’s high in protein, such as legumes, eggs, fish, and soy.

Consist omega-3 wealthy foods, such as salmon, almonds, and halibut.

Although raising weight can be a sign of PCOS, try to lose as much weight as you can. Every day exercise can totally beneficial, not only in lessening weight, but also in enhancing insulin sensitivity.

Ice Cube Facial Treatment: Amazing Skin and Beauty Benefits of Using Ice Cubes On Your Face

Did you know that the best way to get rid of acne is by using ice?

The technique known as ‘skin icing’ is routinely performed by Korean women and several other cultures.

It simply and very literally involves applying ice to one’s skin. How Icing the Skin Really Works?

Cold temperatures improve circulation in the skin. It worked very well to decongest and help clear up your skin from dirt and oil.

Icing your skin is also helpful with any inflammation on the skin surface, helping to reduce the swelling and redness that follows especially with acne, as icing in itself is anti-bacterial.

6 Amazing Benefits of Skin Icing

* Makes your skin glow

Skin icing improves the blood circulation, giving your face a natural, fresh glow.

* Reduces stains

Skin icing is also very beneficial if you have problems with blemishes, pimples, redness and skin inflammation.

You can treat acne as well by applying ice cubes directly on them.

Just place an ice cube and hold it for a few seconds until the skin gets numb.

Repeat the process every other day, before you go to bed.

* Eliminate dark circles

If you have a problem with dark circles under the eyes you can use a mixture of frozen water with cucumber juice to eliminate them.

Dark circles can be caused by a number of reasons, but whatever the reason, this technique will help you eliminate the puffiness.

* Skin toning

Skin icing is a cheap skin toner and works great when applied before makeup. It minimizes the pores underneath the makeup, and the foundation looks smooth and flawless.

* An excellent substitute for make up

Whenever you’re in a hurry and don’t have the time to apply makeup, skin icing can give just what you need to refresh your look.

Wrap some ice cubes in a cloth and run them over your face. It’ll make your skin radiant and fresh and natural.

* Wrinkle prevention

Using this skin icing technique regularly will reduce wrinkles and prevent the appearance of new ones.

Things to remember about using ice:

- You don’t always have to use a cloth when you apply the ice cubes but it’s recommended that you use gloves so that the cubes won’t melt right away.

- Extreme cold can damage the small capillaries under the skin, so don’t use the ice cubes right out of the freezer. Wait a minute or two before applying them on your face.

- Whenever you feel like you can’t take the cold anymore, stop with the icing. Don’t keep them on your face for more than 15 minutes.