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You Have Only 10 Seconds: This is How You Will Save Your Life in Case of Heart Attack

It do not come with an announcement, and many people have to struggle with it without any help. A heart attack is a circulation problem that happens when blood flow to the heart is blocked.

Signs and Symptoms of Heart Attack for Women

- Pain in the chest, jaw, shoulder, and arms
- Easy fatigability
- Sleeping difficulties

Signs and Symptoms of Heart Attack

- Pain in the chest, shoulder, back, arms, stomach, jaw, and neck
- Breathing difficulties
- Cold sweats
- Feeling of fullness, indigestion, and choking
- Irregular heartbeat

You should never ignore these symptoms.

If you experience one or more of the symptoms for five minutes or longer you, here are some tips you need to follow:

* Never ignore the symptoms

Most people especially those who are young with heart problems wait a long time to get treatment thinking that it was just a mild symptoms.

Do not ignore it and make sure to go to your doctor immediately because if you ignore the symptoms, your heart will have a hard time repairing the damage.

* Take Action

• Call the ambulance right away: Make sure to call first the ambulance before attempting to call anyone else.

• Ask someone to come over immediately: Having a person near you can will be very helpful.

• Chew on aspirin: Chewing aspirin is very effective within 30 minutes of your first symptoms attack.

• Do not attempt drive: It is not recommended to drive a car when experiencing heart attack symptoms to avoid other problems.

• Remain calm and lie down: While you are calming yourself, lie on your back and raise your legs upward. This will help you breathe and supply oxygen needed  to your blood.

• Never attempt CPR: CPR may cause you to accidentally throw off the normal heartbeat resulting in difficulty of oxygen to reach your blood.

• Avoid drinking and eating: You should avoid eating or drinking during a heart attack. Aspirin is the only thing that you can have in your system.

All About Ovarian cysts: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis,Treatments and Prevention

According to WHO reports, out of global burden of ill health, reproductive and sexual ill-health accounts for 20% for women and 14% for men.

Having ovarian cysts is a very common issue in women. However this is not a very common cure. If you are ready to be cured then it is time to do your research.

What are ovarian cysts?

Ovarian cysts are small fluid-filled sacs that develop in a woman's ovaries. Ovarian cysts affect women of all ages. The vast majority of ovarian cysts are considered functional.

This means they occur normally and are not part of a disease process. Most ovarian cysts are benign, meaning they are not cancerous, and many disappear on their own in a matter of weeks without treatment.

While cysts may be found in ovarian cancer, ovarian cysts typically represent a harmless condition or a normal process.

Ovarian cysts occur most often during a woman's childbearing years. Some kinds of ovarian cysts are related to the menstrual cycle and occur before a woman has reached menopause (the time point at which a women has not had a menstrual period for 12 consecutive months).

However, postmenopausal women may still develop other types of ovarian cysts.

Most ovarian cysts are not due to cancer, and having an ovarian cyst does not cause ovarian cancer. However, some ovarian cancers develop cystic areas inside the tumor. Ovarian cancer is much less common than benign ovarian cysts.

Causes and Symptoms

Most cysts are harmless, but some may cause problems such as rupture, bleeding, or pain.

Usually ovarian cysts do not produce symptoms and are found during a routine physical exam or are seen by chance on an ultrasound performed for other reasons. However, symptoms can be present, especially with large cysts. The following symptoms may be present:

Lower abdominal or pelvic pain, which may start and stop and may be severe, sudden, and sharp
Irregular menstrual periods
Feeling of lower abdominal or pelvic pressure or fullness
Long-term pelvic pain during menstrual period that may also be felt in the lower back
Pelvic pain after strenuous exercise or sexual intercourse
Pain or pressure with urination or bowel movements
Nausea and vomiting
Vaginal pain or spotty bleeding from the vagina


The medical specialists most likely to treat ovarian cysts are the Gynecologists-obstetricians. They may be diagnosed coincidentally during a pelvic examination in women who do not have any related symptoms. All women have follicular cysts at some point that generally go unnoticed.

Sometimes ovarian cysts may be noticed by a doctor during a bimanual examination of the pelvis. If a cyst is suspected based upon symptoms or physical examination, imaging techniques are used. Most cysts are diagnosed by ultrasound, which is the best imaging technique for detecting them. Ultrasound uses sound waves to produce an image of structures within the body. Ultrasound imaging is painless and harmless. Transvaginal ultrasound is a diagnostic tool to better visualize the ovaries using a thin ultrasound probe inside the vagina. Cysts can also be detected with other imaging methods, such as CT scan or MRI scan (magnetic resonance imaging).


Treatment can consist of simple observation, or it can involve evaluating blood tests such as a CA-125 to help determine the potential for cancer (keeping in mind the many limitations of CA-125 testing described above).

There are no natural or home remedies to treat ovarian cysts, other than taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for pain management.

In summary, the ideal treatment of ovarian cysts depends on the likely cause of the cysts and whether or not it is producing symptoms. The woman's age, the size (and any change in size) of the cyst, and the cyst's appearance on ultrasound help determine the treatment. Cysts that are functional are usually observed (watchful waiting) with frequent monitoring unless they rupture and cause significant bleeding, in which case, surgical treatment is required. Benign and malignant tumors require operation.


Unfortunately, there is no known way to prevent the development of ovarian cysts. If you are ovulating normally, there is nothing you can do to prevent a functional ovarian cyst from forming. If you get cysts frequently, your doctor may prescribe you hormonal birth control. This will stop you from ovulating and lower your chances of getting new cysts.

What's the difference between Tumor and Cyst?

Not all the people aware about Cyst and Tumor, both may sound to worry about but they have individual identities.

What is Cyst?

This can be mysterious bumps in your skin, it is a sac that may be filled with air, fluid or other material.

Cysts usually occur within almost any type of the body's tissue; they vary in size from microscopic to large structures that can displace internal organs.

There are various types of cysts. Common locations include in the skin, in the breasts, or on the ovaries, testes, kidneys or spine.

Most cysts are benign. However, these masses sometimes may be considered neoplasms. Examples include dermoid, keratocyst or calcifying odontogenic cysts.

Common causes of cyst include infections or defects during fetal development. Most cysts are noncancerous (benign). But on the other hand, cancers can form cysts.

What is Tumor?

A tumor (L. tumere = to swell) is a growth or lump of tissue resulting from neoplasia or abnormal new cell growth and reproduction due to the loss of normal growth-control mechanisms.

There are two major types of tumors, benign and malignant, with respect to overall form or growth pattern.

A tumor that is not capable of indefinite growth and does not invade the healthy surrounding tissue extensively is called benign, whereas a tumour that continues to grow and becomes progressively invasive is referred to as malignant; the term cancer refers specifically to a malignant tumor.

It is advisable that when you notice some bumps and it is disturbance in your daily routine, it is worth to visit your doctor.

Most of the cases when cyst was appear, it will be examined by ultrasound or a computerized tomography (CT) scan are almost always benign and should simply be observed.

If the cyst has solid components, it may be benign or malignant and should have promoted assessment. Biopsy is the best test to determine whether a cyst or tumor is benign or malignant is to take a sample of the affected tissue — or, in some cases, the entire suspicious area — by removing it and studying it under a microscope.

Unhealthy Habits That Can Make Us Fat and Weak Without Knowing It

The best way to maintain a healthy body is to have a nutrient-rich, well-balanced diet, while avoiding added sugars, junk foods, fats, and excessive carbohydrates.

Doing exercise daily to improve health is also a key for a healthy body. Unfortunately a lot of individual, including you may not be aware about the harmful effects of these kinds’ habits.

That is why we will be educating you about some of them that will eventually make you really sick and fat.

Unhealthy habits that can make us weak and fat:

Good sleep

Having enough sleep is very important to the body, as we sleep; our body undergoes regenerative processes that are necessary to health and restoration of the body.

Lots of people understand how important to have good sleep and have drained feeling when they don't get enough sleep.

You always skip meals

Your metabolism will be ruin if you will continue this kind of habit. The unbalanced and irregular eating schedule is connected to make you fat.

You always consume unhealthy snacks

Consuming unhealthy kind of snacks must be avoided totally. All you need are healthy snacks, like almonds or some other fruits and vegetables. These healthy choices has an impact of a lot of positive things in your life and will even elevate your energy level, as well.

You sit too much

Sitting is the new type of smoking nowadays; you may have heard already this warning. Your inactive lifestyle may actually demand you to sit for a long period of time during your working hours. That is why now you need to develop a healthy habit in order to break the unending sitting pattern that you have. A two-minute walk for every hour will be really beneficial to your body and mind.

Quick Things You Must Do To Make A Woman Feel Better During Period

Do you need help with making your girl feel better when she’s on her period? Most men do.

Sometimes men have a hard time understanding what a woman goes through during her "time of the month", and therefore do not know what to do to help her.

Instead of being the guy who panics or bolts when his girl’s on her period, use these tips to be the guy who pampers her until she feels a lot better!

- Try to understand what a woman feels during the month.

Typically, monthly period is accompanied by abdominal pain, which in itself is not very nice. The intensity can vary from a few annoying aching to virtually paralyzing penetrating pain.

It is also a characteristic feature of mood swings are also women may experience headaches, anxiety, change in appetite, pain in the genital area, as well as feeling very tired or sleepy.

- Remind the woman about her merits

Compliment. Say what you will allow her to feel beautiful and intelligent. In addition, it will allow her to feel confident and slightly smooth out mood swings.

- Help her in the house.

If the accumulated daily work or the need to perform any assignment, take and take. Spare a woman from unnecessary stress, just after washing the dishes or wash clothes.

Because of this, you lighten the load of everyday worries and give her time to rest.

- Reassure her.

Make a woman a massage or just warm hug. Often enough to take the hand of a woman to feel better.

- Make her feel loved and desired.

Let a woman know you are glad that it is in your life. Tell them what it is a good friend, girlfriend or wife.

If she is at work or away from you, then call her cell phone, work phone, or just send an email to tell you how beautiful she is, charming and beautiful in every way.

- In no case, do not show disgust.

If she wants to talk about it, do not make awkward faces. If you do, it only shows that you do not care about it. It is also important to carry out all her requests.

So do not hesitate to go to the store for “female” means (tampons, etc.) and do not forget on the way to buy chocolates or her favorite magazine.

- Cook a nice meal.

It’s extremely difficult for women to cope up the blood lose during periods. So, cooking for her is really helpful during period.

Signs You Shouldn't Ignore: Primary Causes Why We Have A Bloated Tummy

Being “bloated” is the feeling of having built-up gas in your digestive system that makes your stomach protrude out uncomfortably.

Having a bloated stomach is different from gaining actual fat mass around your stomach.

Since bloating is temporary and mostly caused by air becoming stuck around your abdomen, making it distend outward.

Frequent bloating is curable as long as you know these eight underlying causes:

1. Food Intolerance

- Food intolerance causes inflammation in your digestive system that can irritate your intestines!

2. Insulin Resistance

- This is a condition wherein the body's cells become resistant to the effect of insulin.

3. Irregular meal times

- Skipping meals is also one of the reasons as to why you feel bloated. Eating a large portion of food after skipping your first meal causes your stomach to bloat!

4. Intestinal yeast overgrowth

- Antibiotics are the main reasons that cause an intestinal yeast overgrowth!

5. Gluten sensitivity

- The main reasons for gluten sensitivity are the changes to wheat that happened through the years!

6. Poor food combining

- Most people don't know which food is the best to be combined that's why they ended up feeling bloated!

7. Deficiency of digestive enzymes

- Here are the reasons that cause enzyme deficiency

1) chronic stress;

2) overgrowth of bacteria-yeast;

3) low stomach acid;

4) aging;

5) food intolerance.

8) Intestinal bacterial overgrowth or parasites

- One of the worst reasons is that your small intestines may be containing parasites that make you feel bloated.

There are many causes of bloating that a doctor is looking for, and this is usually a very treatable condition.

It is not normal to need to loosen your pants every night after dinner, or to be too bloated at the end of the day to go out and socialize.

We hope that this brief article had given you a starting point to improve your digestive health.

Drinking Lemon Juice with Salt Can Help You Soothe Headaches or Migraines Quickly

Migraine is one of the most usual health complications in the entire world.

Environmental factor had an important role in causing migraines such as poor diet, stress, and lack of water in the body.

Most people suffer from headache with intolerable intensity, from time to time which is unusual.

When this occurs, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, a headache for 2 days or even longer and other signs and symptoms are usual.

In this case, it goes from headache to migraine.

The discomfort can make day-to-day life a sorrowful challenge, and forces us to head straight for using over-the-counter or prescription pain-relievers.

In this case, you are less probably to become so dependent for each little pain.

Luckily, we will share to you the natural drink that quickly removes the headache. It only needs 2 main ingredients, making it extremely simple to prepare.


1 tbsp. of lemon juice

2 tbsp. of salt

A cup of water


- All you need to do is first squeeze the lemons in a cup of water and put the 2 tbsp. of salt.

- Mix well and consume this remedy quickly.

This Is the Side Effects into Your Brain If You Are Lack of Sleep

It is no secret that insufficient sleep does impact your physical wellbeing.

You become inactive, you increase or lose weight uncontrollably, and you could develop diseases, like diabetes.

Based to a neurologist at the Minnesota, your physical health isn’t the only one affected through sleep deprivation.

Your brain could experience too and you could suffer the following harmful effects:

Quicker Aging

Apart from being fat and deadly illnesses, sleep deprivation is one of the usual causes of dementia.

Practicing this bad routine for the long term can cause to early death. You could age quicker that you know it due to metabolism does not function correctly.

Bad Brain Functioning

Not getting sufficient sleep could lead to your brain to malfunction. This is because there is not sufficient blood found in your frontal lobe.

As this occurs, your brain waves start to delay and the effect is that you become like a lost teenager. Your settlement-making is affected and you may see it hard to think audibly.

Dirty Brain

A lively brain is like a busy machine that could get greasy. This is why you require sleep to encourage the cerebrospinal fluid to remove the “dirt” and forward it to the liver to be flushed out.

If you don’t get sufficient sleep, your brain keeps filthy and this doesn’t relate to being healthy.

Stress multiplier

When you are sleepy and exhausted, your habit tasks, like walking with your dog, buying at the grocery store, or driving from work to home, can make you feel as if they are forceful tasks.

Your stress threshold lowers and this could even cause to depression.

If you are with those persons who do not gain sleep, you’re endangering both your mental and physical potentials.

Sleep isn’t just self-indulgence – it’s a requisite. You require getting a good night’s sleep in order to function correctly the next morning.

When you have sufficient sleep, this could enhance your memory, insight, and learning potential.

Healthy Reasons Why You Should Drink Calamansi Juice On Your Daily Basis

Calamansi juice is extracted from the calamansi fruit, a very sour variety of citrus fruit usually called golden lime and calamondin.

This our fruit is high in vitamin C and specific antioxidants, like limonene, and also potassium, vitamin A, and calcium.


- First, wash the calamansi fruit and slice into two.

- Squeeze the obtain the juice and put into the glass of water.

- You can set aside the seed by a fork when squeezing.

- Add sugar to taste then mix and consume.

Here are some of the health benefits of calamansi juice:

1. Impedes Diabetes

- This drink is helpful to people who has diabetes and has the endanger of developing the condition. It provides a correct regulation on the release of insulin and glucose onto the bloodstream.

2. Improves your Immune Health and Combats Cancer

- Calamansi juice is full of vitamin C which enhance our immune system. It also combats negative effects of free radicals and revitalize the production of white blood cells because of its anti-bacterial & antioxidant contents.

3. Helps you Reduce Weight Naturally

- Consuming calamansi juice everyday can help clean the organs and detoxes your colon. It also enhances bowel movement, stops constipation and remove stored fat.

4. Limit the levels of Cholesterol- Anecdotal proves found that calamansi juice can help reduce the levels of cholesterol, which is essential step towards weight loss and stopping metabolic syndrome.

5. Lowers Acidity

- In spite of the high levels of citric acid and acidity of this fruit, a lot of people consume it as a relieving substance for then gut.

6. Skin Care

- People use calamansi juice on their skin as this functions such a natural bleaching agent, mostly in Asian countries. It can help clear your skin of blemishes.

7. Defends you from colds and flu- Calamansi juice fortifies your immune system and stops common colds and other infections. Daily consuming of this juice can also increase recovery from bacterial and viral infections.

8. Fortifies your Teeth

- Calamansi juice gives you with vitamin C that enhance your immune system and stops infections and illnesses. Its daily consumption stops gingivitis, tooth decay, and bleeding gums.

9. Cleanse the Body

- Known to revitalize urination and flush out the kidneys, calamansi juice can be a strong detoxifying agent, fortifying the functioning of your liver, kidneys, and gallbladder to help you remove excess toxins in the body.

10. Removes Body Odor

- It contains antibacterial properties and destroys odor-causing bacteria. You will ease a lot if you’re concerned about too much perspiration.

Health Problem: You Should Not Ignore These Early Warning Signs of Diabetes

Diabetes is a common modern disease; it has few symptoms which can be easily overlooked.

Studies have shown that one out of three people don’t even know about it.

Diabetes is a serious condition that can lead to dangerous complications, that is why it good to treat it as early as possible.

Diabetes dangerous complications:

· Cardiovascular diseases

· Neurological damage

Detecting diabetes in an early stage can be cured and with the right diet and exercise together with proper medication you can keep it under control.

The early signs and symptoms are very important to treat diabetes as it can cause you your whole life.

Early warning signs of diabetes:

1. Frequent urination – urinating more often during at night or maybe several times can be sign of diabetes.

This is because the kidney is working a lot harder to remove the excess glucose from the blood.

2. Excessive thirst – this is connected to the often urination as you lose more fluids when urinating the body will try to replenish it.

3. Increase hunger – this is because of high and low of blood sugar levels, as the cells don’t get enough glucose the body will crave for eating more.

4. Dry mouth – can become a breeding ground for bacteria and will cause different oral and dental problems and this is one sign of diabetes.

5. Unexplained weight loss or weight gain – rapid weight loss up to 10 to 20 pounds over a couple of months is not healthy in the body that is why it is required to have some test.

And the eating of too much cravings of sugary foods can lead to weight gain.

6. Fatigue – too much tiredness can develop if the body lacks glucose in the cells.

7. Vision problems – high blood sugar can affect the eyes, it changes the shapes and lenses of the eyes which results in a blurry vision.

If the sugar levels stays for a long period of time can do permanent damage and can lead to permanent loss of vision.

8. Cuts and bruises that do not heal - is a serious and clear sign of high sugar levels, excessive amount of sugar can harm the veins and arteries that they become less able to transport blood to where it is needed to be repaired.

Having a healthy lifestyle, healthy food and a good exercise with proper medication is the key to cure diabetes but the early treatment is the most important to continue life.

Doctors Removed These From A Woman’s Bladder Because Of Skipping Breakfast Every Morning

Many of us during morning are rushing going to school, office and other appointments we need to commit. We actually forget sometime to eat on time especially breakfast.

Breakfast is the important meal and surely everyone knows that, still skipping it not just once but almost every day.

Eating breakfast on time and not skipping it have a lot of benefits to offer.

Breakfast encourages healthier eating, balances sugar level, kick starts your metabolism, boosts energy level, promotes heart health and stimulates the brain.

According to a study published in JAMA, men who skip breakfast have about 27% more chances of sustaining a heart attack when compared to those who eat breakfast.

Dr. Leah Cahill, who led the research, tells that the rate of risk is not so worrisome.

Heart has an important role in our body wherein it pumps the blood to regulate throughout the other main organs.

One of the organs of our body which affected is Gallstone. A gallstone is a stone formed within the gallbladder out of bile components.

In china, there was a woman named Ms. Cheng who undergone surgery. At first she doesn’t want to undergo on an operation for the reason that she is afraid. But when she felt uncontrollable pain in her abdomen and she was rushed immediately in the Guanji hospital.

Doctors removed 200 stones on her operations. According to her, more than 10years she was suffering on this kind of pain in her abdomen.

Surgeons claimed, because she was skipping her breakfast, not eating on time, also irregular hours of eating makes her condition worsened. Stones were found in her body was actually Gallstones.

Gallstones occur when cholesterol and other substances found in bile form stones.

When the stone passes from the gallbladder into the small intestine or become stuck in the biliary duct it can cause pain.

While other experts don’t have exact claim study about skipping breakfast as one of the causes of gallstones triggered.

Eating breakfast should be mindful as well, eat the right food and on time. It is truly that is health is wealth.

What you eat is what you are and you don’t need to spend a lot of money in hospital, undergo on an operation and have treatment if we are well caring and conscious in our health.

See What Happen To Your Health When You Drink Water On An Empty Stomach After Waking Up

Drinking enough water during the day, you’re off to a great start!

Water plays an important role in the proper functioning of your body, and staying hydrated is important, but drinking a big glass of water on an empty stomach in the morning has its own purpose!

Regardless if this practice will save your life as many believe, here a look at many of the other proven benefits of drinking two full glasses of water upon waking up in the morning.

The practice should be perform first thing in the morning.

1. Before brushing your teeth, drink 640 ml (4 glasses of 160 ml) of water. Ideally, the water shouldn’t contain fluoride.

2. Brush and clean your mouth, but don’t eat or drink anything for another 45 minutes.

3. Have your breakfast as normal as what it is.

4. After breakfast, don’t eat anything for 2 hours.

The practice should be done regularly and different time frames are predicted to treat, improve or control different conditions such as:

- Gastritis – 10 days

- Constipation – 10 days

- Diabetes – 30 days

- High blood pressure – 30 days

- Tuberculosis – 90 days

- Cancer – 180 days

Drinking so much water can be equally as dangerous as not drinking enough. So start practicing now.

Why not? From the first place, it is the most affordable way in preventing and curing many diseases. So practice drinking plenty of water.

Color Of Your Menstrual Blood Reveals Something Dangerous About Your Health!

Women's Menstrual period occurs each month for a duration of 6-7 days.

During these days, a female may have abnormal cramps in addition to some other small issues, such as headaches and stomach aches.

Other cases indicates stress and anxiety depends on the color of menstrual blood and it is crucial to know exactly what certain colors suggest when you should get in touch with a gynecologist.

Listed below the various color of menstrual blood know them and be informed:

1. Heavy bleeding

- To the most women, at least one day is followed by profuse bleeding compared to other days of the cycle.

It is usually the second or third day, and it is quite normal.If you see some traces of blood ,you should immediately visit a gynecologist

Note: This phenomenon is due to early pregnancy or due to some hormonal disorder.

2. Orange – red

- If you notice that your menstrual blood is orange red,and it has an odor,you should visit a gynecologist.

This color shows that the blood is mixed with some fluids from the cervix,and this is a clear sign for some infection.

3. Bright

- In the menstrual period if you have a busy day at work the menstrual blood rapidly flow out of the body and does not have a time to get darker. In this case you should not be worry,because this is normal.

The problem occurs when the bleeding lasts longer than a week, and the blood becomes pinkish and not fades.

4. Brown – black

- These bloods has long been in the uterus and are usually seen early in the morning. Although may sound bad, brown or black blood is old blood backward not expired, but which for some reason have remained longer in the womb. It may have noticed when you CASS menstruation few days.

Note: In general it is about normal, but if you notice beside her yellowish color of blood, it can be a sign of infection.

5. Pink

- The menstrual blood is pink. But if it occurs earlier, for example in the middle of it, it may be a sign of early pregnancy, a hormonal disorder or other diseases of the reproductive organs.

6. Dark red

- Red colors of blood are quite normal, especially in the middle of. If the color does not fade and bleed more than usual, it may be a sign of spontaneous miscarriage or, at worst, for the presence of tumor.

During a menstrual cycle have been observed as the color of blood is sometimes brighter, sometimes darker, and many women are faced with punctuate bleeding outside the cycle.

Note: Be known that it is important to notice the color of the menstrual blood,because it can be a sign of anxiety.

We hope that this brief article is informative to you, share this post so that you can also inform others about this and might help them a lot.

Menstrual Color: Things Your Period Blood Color Says About Your Health

Did you know that your period can be the biggest and clearest window to what is going on inside your body?

During menstruation, women may experience blood of different colors. Sometimes, the blood may be bright red, while other times it may be a deep red or brownish color.

Period blood is actually the tissue that builds up to line our uteruses each month.

Read on and find out, you master of menstruation, you.

Brown/Very Dark Red

This happens when periods start slowly, with a light flow that becomes heavier as the week goes on.

During those light flow days, the blood takes longer to exit your body, and takes on a darker color as it makes its slow exit.

Thus, we end up with some "leftover" uterine lining that carries over into our next cycle. But it's totally healthy and normal, and nothing to be nervous about.

Bright Red/Pink

Bright red period is your newer uterine lining, so that's why it often follows the expulsion of "old" dark lining in your cycle. It's also why a heavy period might be bright red, the blood is flowing out of your body very quickly, and does not have the time to darken.

Some folks have bright red blood throughout their whole crimson tide, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Cranberry/Medium Red

This is a perfectly healthy color to get in the middle of your period. Some folks — especially those of us who have longer periods — expel our uterine lining at an overall slower rate, and so our periods take on a consistently darker color, and never switch over to bright red.


This is the only color that should cause alarm if you see it in your panties. Gray clumps or discharge during or before your period may mean that you have an infection or that you may be having a miscarriage.

It's a good idea to call your gyno if you see gray discharge, even if you can't imagine how you could have gotten an infection or pregnant.

Girls Don’t Ignore These 3 Most Common Early Signs of Cervical Disease For Women

Cervical cancer can often be found early and sometimes even prevented entirely, by having regular Pap tests. If detected early, cervical cancer is one of the most successfully treatable cancers.

All women from the age of 25 to 64 should attend to cervical screening. Women aged 25 to 49 are offered screening every 3 years and those aged 50 to 64 are offered screening every 5 years.

During cervical screening, a small sample of cells is taken from the cervix and checked under a microscope for abnormalities.

In some areas, the screening sample is first checked for human papilloma virus (HPV), the virus that can cause abnormal cells.

An abnormal cervical screening test result does not mean you definitely have cancer. Most abnormal results are due to signs of HPV, the presence of treatable precancerous cells, or both, rather than cancer itself.

Worldwide, cervical cancer is both the fourth-most common cause of cancer and the fourth-most common cause of death from cancer in women. In 2012, an estimated 528,000 cases of cervical cancer occurred, with 266,000 deaths.

This is about 8% of the total cases and total deaths from cancer. About 70% of cervical cancers occur in developing countries.

In low-income countries, it is one of the most common causes of cancer death. In developed countries, the widespread use of cervical screening programs has dramatically reduced rates of cervical cancer.

In medical research, the most famous immortalized cell line, known as HeLa, was developed from cervical cancer cells of a woman named Henrietta Lacks.

In fact, having signs of cervical cancer are not prominent same as breast cancer. Thus, mostly women are not aware with these signs. Listed below are the most common signs of cervical cancer, as soon as you experience these signs we encouraging you to visit and a check to a doctor right away;

Pain or bleeding

The most common cervical cancer symptom is abnormal vaginal bleeding, which typically occurs after the cancer has spread to nearby tissue. Although women often think bleeding is normal spotting, it's important to see your doctor if you experience:

Bleeding between menstrual periods, Heavier menstrual periods, Longer menstrual periods, Bleeding after sexual intercourse, Bleeding after menopause and Bleeding after a pelvic exam.

Unusual discharge

Abnormal discharge such as watery discharge, brownish discharge, bloodstained discharge and unusual light discharge with some foul smell which produces from the cell of uterine wall starts to get rid, this happen when the cancer cell begins to grow inside the cervix.

Low Back, Pelvic or Appendix Pain

Low back pain or pelvic pain can be linked to problems with reproductive organs, such as the cervix. A sign of cervical cancer is pelvic pain, especially continuous pain. Pelvic pain near the appendix doesn't usually occur unless the cancer is in advanced stages. There will usually be other cervical cancer red flags before pelvic pain occurs.

Additionally, HPV is the most common sexually transmitted infection globally. Most people are infected at some point in their lives. In 2012, about 528,000 new cases and 266,000 deaths occurred from cervical cancer worldwide.

Getting to know and be aware the signs and symptoms of cervical cancer is a good start. In this article, encouraging you to observe your body especially for all women and have regular check-up to a doctor and gynecological examination.

Effective Ways On How To Get Rid Of The Fungi And Bacteria In Your Private Part Naturally

Vaginal Infection is a general medical term referring number of fungal, bacterial, and parasitic conditions that effect, but are not limited to, the intimate area.

Did you know that Vaginal infections are commonly called, yeast infections, vaginitis, yeast overgrowth, or Candida?

Vaginal Infections cause a wide range of symptoms, including one or more of the following:

- Itching, burning, and irritation in the vaginal area; painful intercourse, abnormal vaginal discharge, white “chunks” that resemble cottage cheese, foul odor, fishy odor, inflammation and swelling of the genital area, and burning during urination.

In this article we will share to you natural rinses that can remove the fungi and bacteria from your intimate part, which is why your gynecologist will never tell you about their use, so that you are forced to visit your office and have to spend money.

We listed below some of the natural home remedy to rinse and help you remove fungi and bacteria from your intimate part:

1. Apple cider vinegar

- Vinegar apple cider, also known as cider vinegar or apple cider vinegar. If you have the ease of using a tub or tub, this tip can be very useful.

Note: You should do is prepare your tub with the normal amount of water and add half a cup of apple cider vinegar and then enter and relax for about 10 or 20 minutes.

2. Aloe vera

- Aloe vera (or aloe vera) is a plant that everyone should have in your home because it is natural medicine that cures everything. With its healing and moisturizing properties it fulfills its task of maintaining optimal intimate health.

Note: The way to use it is to extract the gel that is obtained from the plant and to submerge it in two glasses of water, later it is placed in the intimate zone and at the end, and you must rinse very well your part with much warm water.

3. Lemon leaves

- Prepare an infusion with a pint of water (500 ml) and a handful of lemon leaves, take her to the heat and let simmer for 15 minutes, then let stand and when this warm brew and apply it on the vulva.

4. White vinegar

- It is essential and is key to the elimination of fungi, bacteria and bad odors in the intimate area.

Note: You should do is to mix two tablespoons of vinegar per liter of water and place it on your vulva. (You should never exceed the amount of vinegar, since you can irritate the area).

Additional Information about the recommendations to keep your intimate healthy area are:

- Avoid products for vaginal hygiene such as deodorants, scented toilet paper and vaginal douches as these alter the natural pH of the private part.

- Drink plenty of water during the day to eliminate toxins.

- Eat natural yogurt every day.

- Use neutral or very mild soaps for intimate hygiene that do not modify vaginal acidity.

- Wear cotton underwear.

Ovarian Health Symptoms: Warning Signs Of Ovarian Problem You Should Never Ignore

Ovarian cancer

It is a cancer that is frequently misdiagnosed. It is due of its many signs are extremely usual that are frequently ignored as nothing serious or something that will just gone after a several days.

Ovarian cancer is when the unusual cells in your ovary start to increase out of control and forming a tumor. The tumor could then disperse to other area of the body.

The ovaries are the 2 Female Reproductive Glands that create an ova or eggs. They also create the female hormones (estrogen and progesterone).

This is not really show typical signs that we could simply distinguish it as one. Family is a high influence risk but there’s no habit screening available for the said problem. Late medication makes this problem more harmful.

Surgeries are the primary treatment for the ovarian cancer disease.

The purpose of surgery is to get away the tumor, but a hysterectomy or a full removal of a uterus if frequently essential.

Your doctor might also suggest removing the two ovaries and the fallopian tubes, closed to the lymph nodes, and the alternative pelvic tissues.

Distinguishing all the area of tumors is extremely hard.

Here are the 2 most frequent signs you might down-size as nothing severe:

1. Frequent pee

- It is habitually demented as urinary tract infection or UTI. If you already undergone a medication but the side effect of it is remain, you have to ask for a help at your doctor.

2. Bloating

- This is usually related with constipation, indigestion, inappropriate nutrition and alike gastrointestinal problem. Nevertheless, when you feel bloated after your meal, and it lasts in more than a week, you have to seek for a doctor about that case.

Your point of view depends on kinds of factors, like the stage of cancer at a diagnosis, overall health, and how correctly you react to the treatment. Every cancer is distinctive, but the stage of a cancer is the most significant symptoms of outlook.

We aim that this short article is informative to you, spread this post so that you can also enlighten others about this and might help them too.

Colon Problem: Scientists Discover Coconut Oil Can Destroys 90% of Colon Bad Cells in 2 Days

In this article, we will discuss cancer of the colon, its symptoms and how it can be treated at home.

Colon cancer forms when this uncontrolled cell growth happens in the cells of the large intestine.

Cancer symptoms are quite varied and depend on where the cancer is located, where it has spread, and how big the tumor is.

It is common for people with colon cancer to experience no symptoms in the earliest stages of the disease.

However, when the cancer grows, symptoms include:

- Diarrhea or constipation
- Changes in stool consistency
- Narrow stools
- Rectal bleeding or blood in the stool
- Pain, cramps, or gas in the abdomen
- Pain during bowel movements
- Continual urges to defecate
- Weakness or fatigue
- Unexplained weight loss
- Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
- Iron deficiency (anemia)


After all these years, coconut oil is getting the positive scientific attention it deserves.

There’s a reason cultures around the world have been using it for thousands of years. The benefits of coconut oil have filled entire books. There are very good reasons for that.

Full of healthy saturated fats, coconut oil is a great source of fatty acids, which are commonly found in fish and seeds.

In fact, it is one of the richest sources of saturated fat known to man, with almost 90% of the fatty acids in it being saturated.

Coconut oil has previously been shown to help decrease the harmful side effects of chemotherapy, and improve the quality of life for cancer patients.

“According to a study published in the journal Cancer Research, the lauric acid in coconut oil has anti-cancer properties.

Lauric acid constitutes about 50% of coconut oil, and researchers at the University of Adelaide discovered that it completely exterminated more than 90% of colon cancer cells after just two days of treatment in a colon cancer cell line in vitro. Researchers also cited other studies that support their findings.” (

Nearly 50% of coconut oil’s fatty acids contain lauric acid, which has been praised as able to kill any harmful pathogens that enter the human body.

In this study, lauric acid actually ‘poisoned’ cancer cells and unleashed tremendous oxidative stress, while at the same time reducing glutathione levels.

This experiment was performed “in vitro”(it was performed on cells outside of their normal biological system), which may cause some to discount the findings.

Performing more research costs money — lots of money — which is hard for researchers to come by without a pharmaceutical company backing them.

Night Shower: Scientifically Proven Good Benefits of Taking a Bath Before You Sleep

There’s nothing as relieving as taking a bath in a tub after a long day at work but did you know that this sensation is really backed through science?

A research from an issued journal called, Complementary Theories in Medicine, proven that immersing in warm water at least 8 times a week can really help lessen anxiety better that consuming medicines?

Apart from this, there are some reasons why you should go ahead and take that much required bath tonight and these are:

1. It Can Relieve Dry, Winter Skin

Even though oatmeal is believed as the perfect ingredient to relieve the skin.

It’s only lately that researchers recognized that the key compound in oatmeal called, avenanthramides, are really the ones important for relaxing inflamed and annoyed skin.

To take value of this benefit, just put several amount of whole oatmeal inside a dry sock, tie the end using a rubber band and put it in your tub with warm water. Immerse for about 15-20 minutes.

2. It Can Helps You Breathe Comfortable

If you have been experiencing from sinus congestion in your nasal passages is to immerse in warm and steamy water.

The steam from your bath will be helpful to make you breathe comfortable mostly while you sleep so you will not be worried by your colds.

3. It Can Enhance Your Brain

Another reason why you should take a bath in the evening is that it can help boost your brain function.

Adding essentials oils such as bergamot to soothe stress and sage to improve your memory will make you enjoy your warm immerse more than ever. Just make sure that you do not remain longer than 20 minutes in your bath as this will trigger your skin to dry.

4. It Can Relax Your Nervous System Down

Our nervous system eventually suffers swelling and discomfort which can cause stress and agitations. By taking a warm bath, you will be capable to ease this trouble fairly rapidly and safely also.

The warm temperature can expel the pains and discomforts that you may feel and due to these symptoms tend to be gone, your mood will particularly get lifted which will let you to sleep better as well.

5. It Will Make You Sleep Better

When you sleep between cold sheets, your body’s temperature move to go down which triggers your melatonin levels to rise.

This really helps you sleep rapidly and deeply as well. Taking a warm bath before going to sleep will help your body cool down as soon as you get to bed which is precisely what you require so you can drift off to sleep with peace.

Cervical Disease: Warning Signs Of Cervical Disease! How to Know if You Have it

Cervical cancer is considered the most common cancer among women around the world.

Women's bodies are always changing. Sometimes changes that seem normal can be signs of cancer, though. The key is to pay attention to your body so you can notice when something's different.

In most cases, cervical cancer does not cause noticeable symptoms in the early stages of the disease. Symptoms occur when the cancer grows to a nearby tissue.

Most women are advised to get a Pap test starting at age 21.

The Pap test is one of the most reliable and effective cancer screening methods available, the pap test can locate abnormal cells in the cervix which are then monitored and treated if necessary.

However, there are other early signs of cervical cancer. So, keep reading, find out more!

1. Irregular Bleeding

Irregular vaginal bleeding is the most common symptom of cervical cancer. It can occur in between menstrual periods or after sex. It might be disguised as spotting, showing as a slight blood-streaked discharge.

Menstrual bleeding can also last longer than usual and become heavier. If vaginal bleeding occurs in post-menopausal women who no longer have periods, this can be a sign of cervical cancer or other problems.

2. Unusual Vaginal Discharge

There are a few types of vaginal discharge that can be considered as an early sign of cervical cancer. A continuous discharge of these characteristics can be a sign:

* Watery

* Brown

* Tinged with blood

* Foul-smelling

* Pale

3. Pelvic Pain

Another warning sign for cervical cancer is pain during intercourse or at other times. It could indicate abnormal changes to the cervix. Cervical cancer can spread within the pelvis.

Signs of Advanced Stages of Cervical Cancer

If you experience any of these symptoms, that could indicate advanced cervical cancer:

* Fatigue

* Weight loss

* Back or pelvic pain

* Swelling in one or both of the legs

* Difficulty going to the bathroom due to obstruction

What Puts You at Risk?

So, if you notice any of the early warning signs, you should act immediately before cervical cancer spreads and become more dangerous. These are the factors that can increase your risk of developing cervical cancer:

* Having sex for the first time at a young age

* Having sex with a man whose partner had cervical cancer

* Having many sexual partners

* Smoking

* Mother’s use of diethylstilbestrol (DES) during pregnancy

* A compromised immune system

According to the American Cancer Society, all of the previously mentioned signs and symptoms can be caused by conditions other than cervical cancer, like an infection that can cause pain or bleeding.

So, if you notice any of these symptoms, you should visit your doctor immediately. Even if it an infection, you will still need to treat it.

Getting regular Pap tests will help to detect cancerous cells in time, before they have a chance to spread and worsen the condition.