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Here's How To Enroll In Tesda For 6 Foreign Languages Courses

If you want to study foreign languages such as Nihonggo, Spanish, Korean, Mandarin, Arabic and English, you can go to Language Skills Institute of TESDA as they are currently offering these courses for FREE.

Aspiring students who want to learn different languages can take a look on the available schedules for 2018.

The enrollment is on first come first serve basis so basically it is better to register for a slot as early as possible.

Criteria and Requirements

- Must be Filipino (any gender)

- Aged 18 years old and above

- At least High School graduate

Lists of Available Foreign Language with Duration

1. Basic Korean Language and Culture – 100 hours (verify if this course is still being offered in 2018)

2. Basic Japanese Language (Nihongo) and Culture – 150 hours

3. Basic Chinese Language (Mandarin) and Culture – 100 hours

4. Basic Spanish Language – 100 hours

5. Basic Arabic Language and Saudi / Gulf Culture – 100 hours

6. Basic English Language – 100 hours

Documents Needed during the Application

Applicants should bring any of the following documents:

- Original copy of birth certificates from NSO

- 1×1 (3pcs) and 2 x 2 photo (1pc) with white background

- Transcript of Records

- College or high school diploma

- Training or competency certificates issued by TESDA.

- 1 long brown envelop

Once you have all the needed documents you can proceed to TESDA- Language Skills Institute near your place.


Currently, the available schedule is morning and afternoon from Mondays to Fridays. There is no school schedule for Evenings and Weekends.

* Morning schedule starts at 7:30am to 11:30am

* Afternoon schedule starts at 12:30pm to 4:30pm.


Note: Course availability varies on each center.

If you want to study any of the listed foreign language course you can go directly to Tesda Language Skills Institute (LSI). For your own safety don’t leave on the comments any of your personal details.

You can visit: TESDA Language Skills Institutes for more details.

Region I

Address: TESDA LSI - Marcos Agro Industrial School, Marcos, Ilocos Norte Brgy. Lydia, Marcos, Ilocos Norte

Contact: (077) 784 7956

Address: TESDA LSI - Regional Training Center - San Fernando, La Union Catbangen, San Fernando City, La Union

Contact and Email: (072) 242 5584 / 700 0613

Region II

Address: TESDA LSI - Regional Training Center - Tuguegarao , Cagayan Consuelo Village, Pengue, Tuguegarao, Cagayan

Contact and Email: (078) 844 4224 / 846 8619 /

Address: TESDA LSI - Southern Isabela College of Arts and Trades, Santiago, Isabela Provincial road, Caloocan, santiago City, Isabela

Contact and Email: (078) 682 3924 / 682 8654

Region III

Address: TESDA LSI - Cabanatuan Provincial capitol, Nueva Ecija Old CapitolCmpd., Cabanatuan , Nueva Ecija (044) 463-1904

Address: TESDA LSI – Southern Isabela College of Arts and Trades, Santiago, Isabela MacArthur Highway, Tabang, Guiguinto, Bulacan

Contact and Email: (044) 794-4767

Region IV A

Address: TESDA LSI – Jacobo Z. Gonzales Memorial School of Arts and Trades, Biñan, Laguna San Antonio, Biñan, Laguna

Contact and Email: (049) 511-6133

Address: TESDA LSI – Regional Training Center, Batangas P. Herrera Street, Batangas City

Contact and Email: (043) 300-0388

Region IV B

Address: TESDA LSI – Puerto Prinsesa School of Arts and Trades, Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan Felix Rafols, Sta. Monica, Puerto Princesa City

Contact and Email: (048) 433-2224 / 433-4364 / ppsat.tesda@gmail.comv

Address: TESDA LSI – Likha Ka Provincial Capitol, Calapan City Provincial Capitol Compound, Camilmil, Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro

Contact and Email: (043) 288-2352

Region V

Address: TESDA LSI – Regional Training Center – Pili, Camarines Sur San Jose, Pili, Camarines Sur

Contact and Email: (054) 477-7204

Address: TESDA LSI – San Francisco Institute of Science and Technology, Malilipot, Albay San Francisco, Malilipot, Albay

Contact: (052) 830-5093 / 830-1874

Region VI

Address: TESDA LSI – Regional Training Center – Iloilo City Zamora St., Iloilo City

Contact: (033) 337-0739

Address: TESDA LSI – New Lucena Polytechnic College, New Lucena, Iloilo Don Epifacio Sonza Sr. Ave, New Lucena, Iloilo

Contact and Email: (033) 526-2015 / 396-0562

Region VII

Address: TESDA LSI – Regional Training Center – Cebu City Archbishop Reyes Ave., Banilad, Cebu CityContact and Email: (032) 412-7267

Address: TESDA LSI – Provincial Training Center – Jagna, Bohol Poblacion, Jagna, Bohol

Contact: (038) 531-0018

Region VIII

Address: TESDA LSI – Regional Training Center – Tacloban City San Gerardo Subdivision, Brgy. Abucay, Tacloban City

Contact and Email: (053) 321-8249 /523-9229

Address: TESDA LSI – Balicuatro College of Arts and Trades, Allen, Northern Samar Sabang Zone 2, Allen, Northern Samar

Contact and Email: (055) 300-2125

Region IX

Address: TESDA LSI – Regional Training Center – Zamboanga City San Roque, Zamboanga City

Contact: (062) 991-9586

Address: Prov'l. Trng Center Sindangan ZDN Goleo, Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte

Contact and Email: (065) 224-2227

Address: TESDA LSI – Dipolog School of Fisheries, Zamboanga del Norte Olingan, Dipolog City, Zamboanga del Norte

Contact and Email: (065) 212-7248 / 212-5237

Region X

Address: TESDA LSI – TESDA Cagayan de Oro Bugo School of Arts and Trades, Cagayan de Oro City Bugo, Cagayan de Oro City

Contact and Email: (08822) 742-576 / 740404

Address: Regional Training Center - Iligan City Maria Cristina Road, Maria Cristina, Iligan City

Contact and Email: (063) 223-6541

Region XI

Address: TESDA LSI – Regional Training Center – Korea - Philippines Vocational Training Center, Davao City Buhisan, Tibungko, Davao City

Contact and Email: (082) 236-0556 / 238-0007 / 09193885250

Address: TESDA LSI – Carmelo de los Cientos National Trade School, Digos, Davao del Sur Padada, Davao del Sur

Contact and Email: (082) 272-0295

Region XII

Address: TESDA LSI – Surallah National Agricultural School, Surallah, South Cotabato Brgy. Dajay, Surallah, South Cotabato

Contact and Email: (083) 238-5111 / 238-3050

Address: TESDA LSI – Cotabato City TESDA Extension Office - Cotabato City ORC Compound, Cotabato City

Contact and Email: (064) 421-4460 / 421-6108


Address: TESDA LSI – ARMM Regional Manpower Development Center, Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao Rebekun, Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao

Contact and Email: (064)429-0091

Address: TESDA LSI – Zamboanga Regional Coordination Office – Zamboanga City, 2nd Flr. LHB Bldg. Veterans Ave. Zamboanga City

Contact: (062) 990-2959


Address: TESDA LSI – Regional Training Center – Baguio City Magsaysay Drive, Loakan Rd., Baguio City

Contact and Email: (074) 424-8724 / 305-2405

Address: TESDA LSI – Provincial Training Center – Tabuk, Kalinga Bulanao, Tabuk, Kalinga

Contact: (074)423-2126


Address: TESDA LSI – Agusan del Sur School of Arts and Trades, Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur Gov't. Center, Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur

Contact and Email: (085) 343-7709 / 343-7132

Address: TESDA LSI – Northern Mindanao School of Fisheries, Butuan City Matabao, Buenavista, Agusan del Norte

Contact and Email: (085) 343-4201 nmsf


Address: TESDA LSI – Lingkod Bayan Skills Development Center, Quezon City Barangay Hall, Dahlia Street, Fairview, Quezon City

Contact: (02) 937- 4248

Address: National LSI - TESDA Complex, Taguig City Bldg. 10, TESDA Complex, East Service Rd., South Superhighway, Taguig City


Acidosis: Signs and Symptoms that Your Body is Acidic, Know how to Alkalize It

Acidosis is harmful to the body that may affect the skin, bones, intestines and other parts of the body.

Stress and eating habits greatly contributes to acid level of the body, in addition processed foods also affects the pH level of the body and destroys the essential vitamins and minerals of the body.

Here are the symptoms of taking Acidosis:

Sciatica and stiff neck

Poor immunity


Skin problems like eczema, acne, rashes and dermatitis

Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s and dementia

Joint pain and sore muscles

Sinus problems

Chronic fatigue

Bladder and kidney infections

Cardiovascular damage that is caused by acidic plaques, high risk of heart attack and stroke

Chest pain

Candida and yeast infections

Stomach problems like bloating


Acid reflux and too much gas

Weight gain and obesity

Poor mental skills


Cavities and sensitive gums


Too much mucus or phlegm

Chronic cough

Tips on how to Alkalize the Body:

Consuming enough amount of water can help your body in eliminate toxins and waste material.

Lemon water is known as an excellent alkalizing agent.

Consume more fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, beans and legumes.

Add them to your salads, green juices and smoothies.

Limit the dairy products, pastry, meat, coffee, soda, eggs, popcorn, soy, seafood, alcohol, artificial sweeteners, white vinegar, wheat products and fish.

Do not utilize GMOs.

Take care of your mental health.

Avoid stressful situations.

Relax your body and mind. Do yoga, swimming and meditation. Your health matters, so try to give your all in protecting it. Eat well and enjoy your energy splashes wisely.

When the body is acidic, it builds alkalizing compounds from tissues which results in the destruction of the function of the body.

Your Birth Date Reveals Detailed Information About Your Personality

The Chinese history and spirituality strikes again.

They want to talk about your personality and the connection with the year you’ve been born.

Our personality is influenced by our first moments in this world. See what's your true nature according to your birth date!

It feels amazing when you have discoveries like these that will give you a glimpse of what could be your character.

Lot’s of people agreed that these tests said everything about them and what kind of characters they are.

In this article, we are going to pay attention to your birth date. See below if it can give the details you want for your personality and see if it is describing you:

1. People Born on Dates: 1, 10, 18, 19, 27, 28: NATURAL LEADERS

If you wondered who are the natural born leaders, we have the winners right here.

People born on these dates have the blood and ability to be successful as leaders. The others see them as the solution that will lead them to the final goal.

Success is the bright picture always in front of them, and they will stop at nothing until they get what they deserve.

2. People Born on Dates: 2, 6, 7, 11, 20: MOST EMPATHETIC

You can feel what’s right and wrong right away. You can cope with anything, and you always attack your problems with logic and mind.

3. People Born on Dates: 8, 17, 22, 26, 13, 24, 31: FAMILY IS WHERE YOUR HEART IS!

We are all family people. However, people born on these dates are something special. Everything around them relies on the family.

You care too much about your loved ones, and you are always ready to give them you all.

The same thing goes for your friends, as well. They are your second family and hold a special place in your heart.

4. People Born on Dates: 3, 9, 12, 15, 21, 29, 30: EXTREMELY CREATIVE!

Should I say more?

The art and culture are your passion. You can create the world of these two looking at things from every possible angle to construct the final image.

There are no boundaries for you when it comes to creativity.

5. People Born on Dates: 4, 25, 16, 5, 14, 23: SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE

Are you the one who is always seeking for an experience? – I know your friends tell you to settle down all the time because you always get those ideas to do something.

People born on these dates are the soul of the adventure. If you head on somewhere and not call this person, you are going to get bored.

How about you? What is your birth date?

We hope that this brief article is informative to you, share this post so that you can also inform others about this and might help them a lot.

If You Have One Of These Belly Button Forms Then You Want To Know This!

Belly buttons are fascinating things, and although everybody is born with one, they’re also surprisingly unique.

Most of us don’t pay much attention to our belly buttons.

Did you know that your body has its own ways of telling you what ailments and diseases you are potentially at risk for?

One indicator is actually your navel or belly button.

Some of us may even find them to be boring or burdensome. However, new research suggests that perhaps we should give them more consideration.

They can also serve as an indicator of your health and level of perceived attractiveness.

In this post we will sharet to you how your navel or belly button can signal if there’s something wrong and what to do about it. Take a look at your belly button and tell us what you see!

We listed below some of the belly button form to inform you about them:

1. Tucked Navel

- If your navel is tucked in, you’re more likely to suffer from digestive issues like constipation, as well as weight gain. Keep active and try eating lots of ginger.

2. The Outie

- If your navel protrudes, keep an eye on it. If it seems to be bulging outward more than usual, you could actually have a hernia.

3. U’- shaped

- If your navel is U-shaped, you’re more likely to have endocrine and skin related diseases. In babies, it may indicate a compromised immune system.

4. Small bump

- If your navel is concave with a small bump, you’re more prone to viruses. Take steps to strengthen your immune system.

5. Protruded, like a Button

- Is your navel protruded like a button? If it is then you have to keep an eye on it so that it doesn’t grow any bigger in size. Sometimes after lifting something heavy it may be more noticeable than usual, but if the situation doesn’t return to normal it may be the first sign of hernia.

6. Almond shaped belly button

- People whose belly button is almond shaped suffer from severe migraines and pain in the muscles and bones. It could also be a sign of brittle bones.

We hope that this brief article is informative to you, share this post so that you can also inform others about this and might help them a lot.

TESDA sa mga TAMBAY: TESDA Offers Free Training for All “TAMBAYS” And be Hired Immediately!

The word “tambay” is fundamentally those who do nothing but to stay on the streets as time passes.

You can notice many of them on sidewalks doing their drinking modes. Most of them have no job.

The Duterte government begun a crackdown against loiterers or “tambays”, whom he described as “possible problem for the public.”

The campaign is meant to encourage peace and order, strictly apply local ordinances.

Technical Education and Skills Development Authority or TESDA advice these people to undergo skills training with them and make their lots of extra time productive rather than staying on the streets waiting for the time to pass by.

If you know someone who are jobless and letting their time pass by useless, advise them to use their time through availing the free training courses offered through TESDA.

It can also retain them safe from being invited through authorities and assessed as loiterers.

TESDA gives short courses, the shortest of which only take 11 days to finish.

TESDA ALSO gives construction courses which can provide an immediate job to the completers through Build project which requires skilled construction workers.

Everybody can enroll at TESDA in spite of age, gender or status. All you have to do is to proceed to the nearest TESDA office in your region and enroll or to reserve a slot.

All courses that have National Certificate need that the trainee has completed from high school.

If you’re not a high school completer, you can still train but without an NC.

TESDA advices everyone to make our life worthwhile through learning useful skills.

See How Many Kids You’ll Have in The Future by Searching Lines Below Your Small Finger!

A lot of us are curious about how many kids we will have. Chiromanty has the solution to this question.

Based to this science there are two lines, named lines for kids.

They show how many kids you will be have in the future, and the gender of the babies also.

How to find out what has the future prepared for you? See the palm and search for the lines.

They are relatively of the hand called – Cote Mercury which is located just below the small finger.

How many lines there are, the more children’s you have?

If the lines are deep and straight, it is a sign that your kids will be boys.

If the lines are pointed out and strongly showed it indicates that your children’s will be girls.

Do not be bother if you don’t see any lines. It is likely to appear after some time, but you have to pay attention on your lifestyle.

These Are The 7 Primary Benefits You Can Avail If You’re an SSS Member

Are you belonging of those people saying “ouch” after seeing many deductions on your payslip aside from the big tax amount?

Part of it is going to compulsory government obligation concluding your contribution to the SSS or Social Security System.

Although you might not be capable to value those deductions at the moment, your future will surely glad you for letting your employer to deduct like contributions.

The SSS isn’t there to just chop off a big amount in your hard-earned salary; they’re formed to distribute as an insurance program mandated through the government to give help to private worker and their families in terms of protection against illness, disability, maternity, and death.

To further recognize that 3-4-digit deduction in your payslip monthly, here are several of the benefits an SSS member can relish:

1. Sickness Benefit

- This benefit serves as an everyday cash allowance for members who will be impotent to report to work because of sickness or injury.

But illness such as cough, cold, headache, stomach pain or any other ordinary sickness which can be treated at home. The said benefit can be requested on the following condition:

A member couldn’t report to work because of illness or injury and was confined in the hospital or was suggested to stay at home for about 4 days.

The members should have recompense his or her current 3 months’ contribution within 12-months period advance to the sickness or injury.

The member already used up all company leave benefits together with recompense.

The worker was capable to inform his or her employer about the sickness or injury through filing the illness benefit. (For unemployed, voluntary or self-employed member, the illness notification should be send in directly to SSS.)

2. Maternity Benefit

- This benefit is an everyday cash allowance provided for women members who could not report to work because of childbirth or miscarriage. It could love on the following orders:

She has recompense at least 3 monthly contributions within the 12-month period advance to the last semester of her giving birth or miscarriage.

She submitted the needed pregnancy filling in to SSS.

3. Disability Benefit

- This benefit is given to a member who becomes slightly or totally disabled; this cash allowance is given as either every month pension or lump-sum total.

Any member with at least 1-month contribution prior to being slightly or totally disabled is eligible to get the benefit.

4. Retirement Benefit

- This is a cash benefit in a form or every month pension or lump-sum given to members who couldn’t work because of old age.


The members should be 60-years old and already retired from employment and has recompensed about 120 monthly contributions advance to the semester of retirement.

Member is 65-years old, either employed or unemployed, and has recompensed about 120 monthly contributions advance to the semester of retirement.

5. Death Benefit

- This cash benefit is designated in either in every month pension or lump-sum given to the beneficiaries of a passed away member.

Beneficiaries conclude legal spouse and the member’s kid (legitimate or illegitimate below 21 years old).

In unavailability of main beneficiaries, the secondary beneficiaries will have granted the cash benefit.


For Pension – the died member must have recompensed about 36 every month contributions before the semester of death.

For Lump-Sum total – given to the main beneficiaries of a died member who had recompensed less than 36 every month contributions before the semester of death. Also, in the unavailability of main beneficiaries, the secondary beneficiaries are given the death benefit in lump-sum total.

6. Funeral Benefit

- This is a cash benefit which total ranges to 20, 000-40, 000 granted to whoever recompense the burial expenses of the died member or pensioner.


For self-employed, non-working spouse, OFW members – the died member must have recompensed about 1 monthly contribution to be qualified to funeral benefit.

For employed members and those separated from employment – the died member must have been reported for insurance through his or her employer, even if no contribution was recompensed, for his or her beneficiaries to be qualified to the funeral benefit.

7. Salary Loan

- This cash loan which goals to meet the member’s short-term financial needs is given to workers recently paying contributions.


A member must have recompensed at the current 6 months of contributions in the previous 12 months’ advance to the loan application.

Women Needs To Observe 7 Warning Signs Of Cervix Disease

Cervix also known as cervix uteri is the lower part of the uterus in female reproductive system.

Abnormal and multiple rapid cells in cervix can be a sign that cervical cancer can be developed.

This type of cancer can be life-threatening if it goes undetected or untreated and women are not aware of this.

Women got scared with early cervical cancers and pre-cancers but usually do not experience any symptoms, until a pre-cancer becomes a true damaging cancer when detected.

After sometime symptoms begin to appear when the cancer grows into a nearby tissue and becomes even more serious when cancer cells spread-out.

You need to be sure to contact your gynecologist immediately if you notice any of these warning signs.

Below are the 7 most common signs of cervical cancer:

1. Weight loss

A decrease in or even suppress appetite, there are signs of cervical cancer. The swelling of the cervix can compress the stomach, resulting in decreased appetite and weight loss.

2. Urinary problems

As the cervix swells, the bladder and kidneys may be compressed, obstructing the passage of urine. As a result, you may not be able to completely empty your bladder, causing pain or a urinary tract infection

3. Warts

The appearance of small warts (externally or internally) is a red flag for many diseases, such as: HPV, which can increase the chances of cervical cancer in all women.

4. Unusual discharge

The most common sign of cervical cancer which begins when cancer cells start growing inside the cervix. The cells of the uterine wall will begin to rid, which produces a watery discharge.

5. Anemia

If you feel tired all the time, and the eating habits are the same this means that you may have symptoms of anemia. It can be caused by excessive bleeding, which often accompanies cervical cancer.

6. Continuous pain in the legs, hips and back

Swollen cervix can affect your kidneys, bladder and other internal organs. Blood vessels may also be compressed, making it difficult for blood to reach the pelvis and legs, causing pain and swelling in the legs and ankles.

7. Pain or bleeding

This is the most typical and first symptoms that cervical cancer is happening. This is because of the cancer cells growing on the walls of the cervix that can dry out and even crack, causing discomfort and bleeding to the person infected with it.

We hope that this brief article is informative to you, share this post so that you can also inform others about this and might help them a lot.

Detect This Early Warning Signs of Lung Disease That Women Should Never Ignore!

Lung cancer is considered as the second most common cancer in men and women.

Although the prevalence of lung cancer is near equal in both men and women, the warning signs of lung cancer can vary between the two greatly.

This is because men and women usually suffer from different types of lung cancer and therefor experience different symptoms, making it important to look out for the symptoms that are specific to your gender.

Listed below are the early symptoms this include:

- Fatigue

- Back and shoulder pain

- Shortness of breath when exercising

If the cancer grows, then symptoms may include:

- Shortness of breath

- Hoarse voice

- Harsh sound when breathing (medically referred to as stridor)

- Coughing up mucus or phlegm tinged with blood

- Coughing up blood

- Persistent cough

- Pain in chest, shoulders and back

- Increased mucus and a change in color

Did you know that Lung cancer in women is called adenocarcinoma? It develops on the outer part of the lungs. Unfortunately, the symptoms of adenocarcinoma are less obvious than in the other types of lung cancer.

We listed below some of the earliest symptoms of lung cancer in women:

- Appetite loss and unexplained weight loss

- Blood clots

- Shortness of breath while exercising

- Once the cancer grows the following symptoms appear

- Bone fractures that are not caused by accidental injury

- Joint or bone pain

- Back and shoulder pain

- Persistent cough

- Blood in the cough

- Headaches

- Loss of muscle mass

We hope that this brief article is informative to you, share this post so that you can also inform others about this and might help them a lot.

These Are The 6 Dangerous Things Most Girls Usually Do During Their Period Time

When it comes to period or also called as menstruation, almost every girls knows how painful it could be, mostly the first and second day.

There are several things you should not do during your menstruation.

Among this time of the month, few of the women are blessed with an easy menstruation, while several go through hell.

But, with a discomfort or not, there are things that you should and there are things that you should not do:

1. Skipping Meals

- Skipping meals at this time of the month is an extremely bad idea. Fundamentally, during this period, you are losing an amazing deal of blood, so you need to eat correctly to remain your energy levels up.

2. Having Unprotected Sex

- It is very suggested not to have a sexual intercourse while you are on your menstruation. However, if you select you do it anyhow, you have to assure you use protection in order to avoid infections.

3. Physical Work

- Whenever you suffer stomach ache or pain in the back, you have to assure to avoid any physical works. By doing this, you’ll avoid additional complications and more pain.

4. Consuming Junk Foods

- You can consume more than normal (which is common), you have to assure it is not processed food. Additionally, consuming junk foods in the middle of the night may seem like a better plan, nevertheless your gut might disagree with you and trigger more ache.

5. Keep Away from Physical Work

- You should avoid doing any physical work if you suffer back or stomach ache during menstruation, which are one of the most frequent pains during that time. Due to this way it will only make your discomfort worse.

6. Stay Up All Night- Given the situation, it may take several time to fall asleep, but you’ll feel good if you turn in early. Put on some sleeping music’s from your cellphones and calm a bit.

Bad Eating Habits that Causes Indigestion, Bloating and Acid reflux

Majority of the people these days dream to have a sexy and slimmer body, but they are not even aware that some regular activities that they are actually performing may cause bloated stomach.

You don’t actually gain weight because you are not pregnant. A lot of these people are complaining as they suffered from the feeling of being bloated even after they eat.

So, what is the cause of this happening?

3 Habits that you should avoid after having a meal:

Drinking a lot of water with your meal

Water is essential but drinking a lot of water along with your meals can actually lead to indigestion and it will make you feel bloated afterwards.

Remedy: Drink a lot of water either an hour before or after your meals. Just take a little sip on a glass of water during your meal occasionally.

Consuming a lot of starch and protein together

Protein is known to have the ability to slow the rate of digestion and starches digest much faster into simple sugars.

Remedy: Consume your starch first before eating protein, or you can also take a small serving of starch with protein but don’t take too much of it.

Drinking ice-cold water with your meal

Ice cold water can cause tightening of the blood vessels, therefore, it prevents the ability of the body to digest food easily and absorb more nutrients.

It will also solidify the fats that you already consumed which will eventually lead to difficulty in digesting.

Remedy: always drink water at a room temperature, taking hot water or green tea before eating your meal is also good.

Frozen Lemons: A Natural Treatment For to Diabetes, Tumors, and Obesity!

Lemons have been known to be actually amazing for the health of many people.

It is full of vitamin C and a broad range of other nutrients and antioxidants that are actually fine for the health.

Moreover, lemons are known to be an astonishing and great food to conclude into your diet in any type of form, but freezing them makes it a lot simplier and quicker for you to obtain each part of the fruit, and also the nutrients and vitamins that it has.

Below are the benefits of placing lemons inside the fridge:

1. Lemons are full of vitamin C

- Based to Real Food for Life, vitamin C is an essential vitamin that can really help a lot of people to combat colds and flus and it even neutralized the free radicals which makes people appears older.

2. Lemon peel is the perfect part

- Frozen lemons are strong enough to be grinded into most of foods. Due to it is frozen, you’ll be capable to use all of the parts of this fruit, which consists the bit that packs the most substantial punch in terms of health benefits, the skin.

3. Lemons are more multipurpose when they are frozen

- Several people do not actually like the flavor that the lemon contains, most of them found it actually sour and for a several, it’s just fine.

By just shredding and freezing them, you’ll find it more easier to conclude this fruit into your meals without even packing a big flavor punch, unless you liked to.

4. You’ll not require ice cubes anymore

- Just easily cut these lemons into walnut-sized chunks before placing them inside the freezer, and then you can throw them into your glass of water in order to remain it cool and you can also put lovely flesh flavor to your beverage.

5. Lemon has the potential to support in the repair of the body

- The big amount of vitamin C that can be found in lemons is actually vital for the production of collagen, which has the potential to support the body to form a new bone, blood vessels, and also tendons and even to repair the wounds, based to Healthy Eating.

6. You’ll save cash due to it

- This fruit can make your body well and even your wallet also. Lemons can really get very costly out of season, so if you see a good price of it at the markets, then preserve more of it inside your refrigerator.

You do not have to be bother about shelf life due to lemons can last for at least 3-4 months inside the fridge.

7. Lemon can support in alkalizing your body

- The simpliest and most suitable way to alkalize your body is to drink water with lemon, and the advantage of using frozen lemon is that you can be more particular with the quantity that you can add the water.

8. Lemon can support in the prevention of cancer

- Based to Life Advancer, studies have proven that limonoids, which is a natural compound that can be found on most citrus fruits has the potential to stop the growth of cancer cells, with a specific connection to breast cancer.

9. Lemons are actually good for beverages

- Both of cocktails and iced teas commonly call for lemon juice and other raw ingredients, nevertheless, here is an even better way of making them: just pour raw lemon juice into ice trays with other nutritious and colorful additions like strawberries, mint leaf, or orange.

10. Lemons are low in sugar & calories

- Based to Healthy Living, lemons have just approximately 29 calories and 2.9 grams of sugar per 100 grams of fruit.

By likeness, oranges have at least 47 calories and approximately 9.4g of sugar. Even though these sugars are known to be organi

Negative Effect Of Lack Of Sleep Can Cause 6 Dangerous Diseases

We all know that Sleep is of extreme importance for the overall health of the individual.

It is for both mentally and physically.

It is a way to recharge after the long and stressful day.

Actually, while we are asleep, millions of processes continue to happen in the body such as:

- Helping the brain to store the important data in the memory.

- The cells work to repair the damaged tissue and regenerate.

However, when we lack sleep, all these functions fail to be done on time, and we wake up cranky and have difficulties to concentrate the entire day.

It's your right to know that it’s more important, we experience numerous side effects which can significantly endanger our health.

According to studies it has found that sleep deprivation can cause serious, even life-threatening conditions, from heart diseases, diabetes, to cancer.

We listed below the 6 diseases which are caused by the lack of sleep:

1. Alzheimer’s

- Scientists at Johns Hopkins University conducted a study in 2013 which found that a lack of sleep can cause Alzheimer’s disease and also affect the speed of its progression.

2. Suicide

- A 2014 study showed the relation between the increased incidences of suicide in adults and poor sleep, regardless of the previous depression history.

Note: The most susceptible to this effect of sleep deprivation were white males, 85 years or older, so scientists attributed the increased suicide rate to poor sleep linked to health issues, and stress increased with age.

3. Obesity and Diabetes

- Numerous studies and scientists have pointed out the relation between poor sleep and diabetes, but a team of researchers at the University of Chicago conducted a study which showed the way poor sleep potentially leads to obesity, and ultimately, causes diabetes.

4. Cardiovascular Disease

- The link between heart problems and the lack of sleep has been suggested numerous times before, but the strongest evidence for the strong correlation has been found by a recent study and presented at EuroHeartCare, the annual meeting of the European Society of Cardiology.

5. Prostate Cancer

- The journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention, published a 2013 study which showed that patients with sleep issues had an increased incidence and severity of prostate cancer.

6. Ulcerative colitis

- According to a 2014 study, sleep deprivation, and excess sleep may lead to ulcerative colitis, which is an inflammatory bowel disease manifested by ulcers within the lining of the digestive tract, as well as Crohn’s Disease.

We hope that this brief article is informative to you, share this post so that you can also inform others about this and might help them a lot.

Do Not Eat Them: 10 Most Toxic And Dangerous Foods That Cause Serious Diseases

Whatever nutritionists say, you need to know that the truth is that these are not “genuine” nutrition.

These ingredients have been exposed to excessive preparation and are loaded with fixing made from man, which makes them very unrecognizable compared to their unique shape that makes it hard even for the body to know what to do with them.

A group of studies reveals that frequent consumption of this food can lead to a lethal develop that does harm to our general health.

Although these foods are generally considered to be safe for us and our body, we regret to inform you that it is untrue.

We listed below the following foods that are toxic and causes cancer:

1. Canned Soups

- Even though canned soups are generally considered healthy, they actually contain 890 mg of sodium. Excessive sodium intake retains the water, increases the blood sugar, and causes stress. This can eventually lead to heart attack.

2. Donuts

- Donuts are made of sugar and white flour and they also contain transt-fats. Besides affecting your body shape, trans-fats also increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

3. Fast Food

- The entire process through which fast food is prepared is very bad. In fact, fast food is one of the unhealthiest foods on the planet, as it is high in sodium, processed meat, and saturated fats.


- According to Patrick Holford, a famous nutritionist, the ability of a person to digest lactose, the major ingredient in milk, is significantly reduced as we age. Therefore, milk often causes bloating, food intolerance, inflammation, and acidic environment in the body.

5. Margarine

- Margarine contains trans-fats which are hardly digestible. Moreover, it increases the concentration of cholesterol and it causes damage to the blood vessels. The consumption of artificial foods creates a toxic burden in the organism which affects the liver. Therefore, you should stay away from margarine and replace it with natural and organic foods.

6. Potato Crisps

- When processed at extremely high temperature, foods tend to create a carcinogenic substance called acrylamide. According to Dale Hattis, a professor at the Clark University, this substance is the major cause of many cancers in the U.S. Moreover, potato crisps contain salt, meaning that they also contain high amounts of sodium. As mentioned above, sodium causes hypertension and high cholesterol levels, both of which increase the risk of stroke and heart attack.

7. Processed Meat

- Processed meats are high in nitrates and sodium, both of which are detriment for the overall health. According to the American Institute for Cancer Research, there is a strong link between the consumption of processed meats and the increased risk of colon cancer.


- Besides being the major cause of obesity and diabetes, sugar is also associated with many health issues linked to the liver, pancreas, and the digestive system. Moreover, sugar intake negatively affects the brain and disturbs the nervous system by 50 percent.

9. Soda

- Sodas contain too much sugar and chemicals which negatively affect the body. As a matter of fact, they reduce the level of supplements in the body. According to a study published by The Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention, the consumption of 2 soft drinks per week doubles the possibility of pancreatic cancer development.

10. White Flour

- The flour basically affects the body the same way sugar does, meaning that it affects the pancreas, causes imbalance in the insulin levels, and causes obesity. It doesn’t contain any nutrients, as the processing causes loss of nutrients and fibers of the wheat. The wheat is actually good for the body but the processing does more harm than good.

We hope that this brief article is informative to you, share this post so that you can also inform others about this and might help them a lot.

Heat Stroke First Aid : Best Thing To Do If You Become A Victim

Several countries near the equator has been suffering due to extreme heat brought by the El Niño.

And with the alarming case of global warming, it is predicted that the incidence of heatstroke cases and fatalities will also become more prevalent.


Heat stroke is the most severe form of the heat-related illnesses when the body overheats and cannot cool down.

The body cannot take off the excessive heat by sweating because of dehydration and/or humid environment.

When the body temperature reaches higher than 41.1°C (106°F), it is associated with neurologic dysfunction.


Hot and humid weather
Vigorous exercise in hot weather
Too much direct exposure to the sun
Infants, the elderly, athletes, and individuals who work outside


May start with the following signs of heat exhaustion followed by:

Warm, flushed skin
Very high fever of 41°C
Rapid heartbeat


Emergency measures:

1. Move the person to a shady spot or indoors and have him/her lie down with legs elevated.

2. If able to drink liquids, have him/her sip cool water in a SITTING position.

3. Remove clothing, apply cool water to the skin, and fan the person

4. Apply ice packs to the armpits, wrists, ankles, and groin.

Heat stroke is considered a medical emergency and complication increases when the longer it takes to begin treatment.

Complications can include:

* internal organ damage
* seizures,
* coma
* fetal harm or death in pregnant women
* death


During very hot and humid weather:
Limit the amount of time you spend outdoors.
Drink plenty of water.

Avoid tea, coffee, soda, and alcohol. Wear a wide-brimmed hat & long- sleeved clothing when outdoors. Schedule heavy-duty activities for the beginning or end of the day, when it’s cooler.

Behavioral responses are important in the management of temperature elevations and may provide clues to preventing the development of heatstroke.

Impressive Benefits of KAMOTE: Healthy Reasons To Eat More Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are native to Central and South America and are one of the oldest vegetables known to man.

They have been consumed since prehistoric times as evidenced by sweet potato relics dating back 10,000 years that have been discovered in Peruvian caves.

Christopher Columbus brought sweet potatoes to Europe after his first voyage to the New World in 1492. By the 16th century, they were brought to the Philippines by Spanish explorers and to Africa, India, Indonesia and southern Asia by the Portuguese.

Around this same time, sweet potatoes began to be cultivated in the southern United States, where they still remain a staple food in the traditional cuisine.

Worldwide, about 80 million tons of sweet potatoes are grown in China each year, with Africa producing about 14 million tons, Central and South America about 2 million, and the U.S. about 1 million tons.

Within the U.S., over half of all commercially grown sweet potatoes come from the southern states (especially North Carolina).

Well, when it comes to sweet potatoes’ goodness, it’s not all in the basic, dirty deets. Instead, it’s all about the micro and phytonutrients.

Sweet potatoes are jam packed with compounds that make them worthy of being on your plate.

Here are some facts of sweet potato that you should know.

1. Though sweet potatoes do have more sugar, they’re actually considered “low” on the glycemic index (GI) compared to regular white potatoes which are considered “high.”

This means you break down the sugars of sweet potatoes in your blood more slowly than white potatoes, which prevents a sharp spike in your blood sugar. This is good food for diabetic person.

2. It contains Beta-carotene that can work as an antioxidant for the body which prevents various diseases such as arthritis, asthma and gout. It can also protect the entire condition of the lungs as well as preventing breast cancer from getting severe.

3. Sweet potatoes are abundant in Vitamin A, enabling to regenerate the respiratory system especially for those people who smoke a lot of tobaccos.

4. Sweet potatoes can evenly dispense potassium levels on your body for the development of the function of the heart. The potassium can actually help you in lessening the impact of the sodium when it is consumed by our body.

5. Also, potassium that is found inside sweet potatoes is very excellent for healthy tissues and muscles. It has the ability to lessen the swelling and cramps which provides a strong energy and relaxation for the muscle. It can also regulate heartbeat and heart rate.

6. It is also loaded with Vitamin D that is really good in making the some parts of the body healthy and strong just like the teeth, bones, skin, heart and it also improves the energy levels which makes the thyroid glands works normally.

7. Sweet potatoes are rich in fibers and will totally help you in having a healthy digestion and also a detoxification.

8. Sweet potatoes can provide a large amount of Vitamin C for the body.

9. Sweet potatoes are loaded with folic acid which is required for the development of healthy fetal. It is good for all the pregnant women.

10. Last but not the least, you can apply the broth water of boiled sweet potatoes for treating skin conditions most especially for skin irritation, cleaning all the pores and removing impurities.

Palmistry: Bring Your Hands Together, If These Lines Meet, This Is What It Means

Palm reading is an ancient art that has been around for thousands and thousands of years, and there is a good reason it has stood the test of time.

A lot of people dismiss this practice as silly superstitious beliefs, but I think half the time their scepticism stems from them not truly understanding what it’s all about.

So, instead of going to a palm reader, learn how to read the lines on your hands by looking at the line below your fingers.

This line is called the 'line of marriage' and can tell a lot about your love life.

Same height

If the lines have the same height on both hands, it means that you will like and accept your partner for who they are.

Higher line on the right hand

If your right hand palm line is higher, it means that you’re not conservative in social standards and do only what you want to do.

Higher line on the left hand

If the left hand palm line is higher than your right line, it signifies that you’re a fearless person who isn’t scared of taking difficult challenges head on.

Pubic Hair: Harmful Reasons Why You Should Not Fully Shave The Hair In Your Private Area

A few sociological theories suggest it has to do with cultural trends spawned by bikinis and thongs, certain hairless actors and actresses or a desire to return to childhood or even a misguided attempt at hygiene.

As a part of proper hygiene, mostly are shaving their underarms, legs, pubic area, eyebrows, and face for females; the face, abdomen, back, chest, groin, and legs for males. Others may choose waxing or going to salon.

It was ancient Egypt and Greece time originated pubic hair shaving, the reason for both hygienic reasons and as a clear sign of their profession particularly to those prostitutes.

In fact, female body shaving was established as the norm between 1915 and 1945, pubic hair removal did not actually gain a strong foothold until the 1980’s.

Long ago, surgeons figured out that shaving a body part prior to surgery actually increased, rather than decreased, surgical site infections.

No matter what expensive and complex weapons are used – razor blades, electric shavers, tweezers, waxing, depilatories, electrolysis – hair, like crab grass, always grows back and eventually wins. In the meantime, the skin suffers the effects of the scorched battlefield.

Here are the other reason why you need to avoid shaving the pubic hair:

1. It causes skin problems in your private area

Pubic hair removal naturally irritates and inflames the hair follicles left behind, leaving microscopic open wounds. Rather than suffering a comparison to a bristle brush, frequent hair removal is necessary to stay smooth, causing regular irritation of the shaved or waxed area.

When that irritation is combined with the warm moist environment of the genitals, it becomes a happy culture medium for some of the nastiest of bacterial pathogens, namely Group A Streptococcus, Staphylococcus aureus and its recently mutated cousin methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

There is an increase in staph boils and abscesses, necessitating incisions to drain the infection, resulting in scarring that can be significant. It is not at all unusual to find pustules and other hair-follicle inflammation papules on shaved genitals.

2. You are more likely to catch molluscum contagiosum (viral infection)

Molluscum contagiosum it has been suggested that the virus may have spread primarily through self-infections caused by scratching skin irritated by shaving and spread easily.

Additionally, cellulitis (soft-tissue bacterial infection without abscess) of the scrotum, labia and penis as a result of spread of bacteria from shaving or from sexual contact with strep or staph bacteria from a partner's skin. Some clinicians are finding that freshly shaved pubic areas and genitals are also more vulnerable to herpes infections due to the microscopic wounds being exposed to viruses carried by mouth or genitals. It follows that there may be vulnerability to spread of other STIs as well.

3. Higher risk for genital warts

Genital warts are contagious, fleshy growths in the genital or anal area. They are one of the most common types of sexually transmitted infection. They are also known as venereal warts or condylomata acuminata. They are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV), and they are a symptom of HPV.

There will be a higher risk of having genital wax if you continually shave your pubic hair. Because your genital area has no protection from bacteria.

4. Pubic hair contains pheromones

Humans are the only mammals with thick, coarse pubic hair. Most of us don't like keeping our bush au naturel, so we resort to shaving or waxing. But there's a reason pubic hair stuck around as we evolved: Scientists believe it traps pheromones and attract mates. Plus, it prevents friction when we get it on. Pheromones purpose is to attack each other couple wherein as you sweat and those secretions are retained in the pubic hair regions.

5. Pubic hair actually protects you

Pubic hair does have a purpose, providing a cushion against friction that can cause skin abrasion and injury, protection from bacteria and other unwanted pathogens, and is the visible result of long-awaited adolescent hormones, certainly nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about.

6. Pubic hair helps control your body temperature

In the same way pubic hair keep a guy’s testicles warm, it surrounds a woman’s genitals to help regulate temperature. And it also helps keep you warm when it gets cold outside.

An example is, you might not have thought about it, but you sweat between your legs just like you sweat elsewhere. Imagine a hot day where your pants are pressed up your crotch all day — you’re going to get sweaty.

But if you have pubic hair, you have a natural buffer between your pants and your genitals so you can breathe more and sweat less.

Dangerous Reasons Why You Should Not Go To Sleep with Wet Hair

Although you will not wake up with a cold or flu through sleeping with wet hair, there are other effects that it can have, primarily affecting to hair health.

Some others can have amazing effects on your body and skin.

Below are the 7 reasons why you should not go to sleep with wet hair:

1. Hair Breakage

- Hair is most vulnerable to breakages when it is wet. It can assimilate 45% of its own weight in water.

Instinctive head movements during sleep naturally lead to your hair being pulled in a whole manner of various ways, increasing the chances of breakage.

2. Tangling

- Wet hair is a lot more probable to tangle than dry hair, and tangled hair may cause to knots, which you then have to brush out.

3. Dandruff

- If you have dandruff because of a dry scalp, eczema or even a fungus, you should know that its consequences can be worsen by sleeping with wet hair.

Warm, dark and moist problems are specifically enjoyed by fungi, and your scalp is all of the above when you go to sleep with wet hair.

4. Dullness

- Your hair’s shine comes from its instinctive moisture and scalp oils.

Placing a wet head on a dry pillowcase may cause to moisture and scalp oils being assimilated through the fabric, which leaves your hair stick dehydrated, hence making your hair looks dull.

5. Ringworm

- Scalp ringworm is a very contagious fungal infection that can be extremely itchy and even trigger patchy hair loss. It develops in red, scaly circles and is enriched by damp, warm problems.

6. Mold & Bacteria

- Any bacteria or mold that occurs to be hiding on your scalp can develop out of control in a warm, damp environment.

It can trigger a flaky scalp and even cause to hair loss. Moreover, sleeping with wet hair may cause to these micro-organisms pricking your pillow, so that your scalp will be re-infected each time you place your head on it.

7. Headache

- Should bacterial development take hold of your scalp, your body will attempt to combat off any infection it may trigger by increasing blood circulation to the affected part.

Here’s how to take care of your hair correctly:
Towel-dry your hair as soon as you are done taking a bath
Try using a diffuser on your hair dryer or mildly blotting your hair using a cotton T-shirt to remove extra water
Silk or satin pillowcases are less harsh than cotton, hence minimizing the endanger of hair breakages as you sleep
Mildly twist or braid your hair and lightly quicken with non-pulling hair ties
A leave-in conditioner is an amazing way of keeping hair moisture without having to leave it wet
Do not wrap your hair and leave it when you sleep. This can cause to increasing the risk of micro-organism overgrowth
Let your hair to have the chance to dry correctly by avoiding wrapping it tightly or putting it up in a bun before you go to bed
If a hair dryer is not actually your thing, you can constantly try sitting in front of a mechanical fan to dry without using hair dryers.

Press These Points In Your Palm To Get Rid Of Pain On Different Parts Of Your Body

That persistent ache in your head or any part of your body can be a nuisance in the least.

When the pounding pain is at its worst, it can keep you in bed and out of commission.

Medications are possible solutions, but there is another alternative that might surprise you. Learn the magic of massaging a particular finger and your headaches could go away.

One alternative form of medicine is called reflexology.

The principles of reflexology have led to the idea of finding the pressure points within the palm of your hand that are connected to the part of the body causing you pain.

* Index Finger

If you have problem with your bladder and kidneys, this point will help you to solve your problems with those organs. By pressing this spot you can also get rid of toothaches, muscle pains, back problems and heartburn.

* Middle Finger

This point regulates the gall bladder and liver. Also it will help you to improve vision and blood circulation, to relieve pain from menstrual cramps, and migraines.

* Ring Finger

By pressing this point you can stimulate colon and lung function. People with digestive problems, skin conditions or respiratory problems such as asthma can solve their problems by pressing on this point.

* Pinky Finger

This point regulates the heart and small intestine. It an also resolve issues with bones, heart problems, throat pain and bloating.

* Thumb

The thumb regulates the spleen and the stomach as well as depression and anxiety.

* Base of the Thumb

By pressing this point you can solve your problem with cough, respiratory distress and improve your thyroid function.

* Center of Palm

This point regulates the stomach. Pressing on this spot will help you to alleviate abdominal pain or digestive distress.

* Fleshy Part of Palm

The fleshy part of palm is responsible for heart and endocrine function. This point can help you to regulate heart problems and balance out the hormones.

* Exterior of Palm

Pressing this point can help you with appendix issues and it will also help you to control your sugar levels.

Watch the video below to see how's it done.