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BRACELET LINES: What These Bracelet Lines Tells About Your Health And How Long Will You Live

Palmistry, or palm reading to most people, is an ancient art which have been traced back several thousand years to India.

It is an ancient method of interpreting the fate and character of a given person based on the lines of their hand. Sometimes these lines even form figures and letters.

However, the focus of this particular article is on the bracelet lines, which are also called rascette lines. These are the horizontal running lines located on the underside of our wrists, at the junction which separates the arm from the hand.

More bracelet lines indicate a longer life; broken bracelets indicate ill health and difficulties in the whole life force of that individual.

The number of bracelets also represents the longevity of your life. The more bracelets you have, the longer you will live.

If the first bracelet is unbroken and clearly marked represents 23-28 years of life, and the second line indicates 46-56 years of life.

The third line indicates 69-84 years of life, and the fourth indicates more than 84 year of life.

Generally, very few people have the fourth bracelet. Usually, people have 2-3 lines.

Here`s the meaning of each line you have.

The first wrist line is the most important one. If your line is clear and deep it means good health and physical strength. On the other hand, if the bracelet is unclear and poorly formed, it means that the person is liberal and careless.

Women: If the bracelet is curved upwards in the base of the palm, or if it`s broken, it may indicate gynecological problems such as difficulty in conceiving or giving birth, irregular periods.

Men: If the bracelet is curved upwards in the base of the palm, or if it`s broken, it may indicate problems with the prostate, the urinary and with the reproductive system.

The second wrist line represents the wealth, happiness and prosperity in people`s life.

The third wrist line represents the name and fame of person`s life. If the line is straight and without any gaps or chains also means that this person is very influential.

The fourth wrist line is considered as parallel of the third line and it strengthens it.

It’s all very fascinating to think that there are hints buried in the wrists and palms of your hand which can reveal hidden truths and what your future holds.

Here's Why You Need To Put A Water Under Your Bed! The Reason Is Interesting!

Water is the source of life. Without water we could not survive on this earth, without water there would be no earth.

Every living breathing thing needs water to survive, water is life. In this article we will learn on how water can help you with your health problems.

Mental diseases can be a result of many psychological factors, but some researchers say that spiritual factors also play their role when it comes to the development of these diseases.

Sometimes not even the best therapies help to get a person out of some mental disease, and to remove the negative energy that surrounds a certain person.

If you feel that you are under the attack of bad and negative energies there is something very effective that you can do, and it doesn’t require taking some expensive medicine.

It’s a method that has the power to calm the mind and remove the negative energy. The method that is shown in this article involves placing a glass of water under your bed.

You will manage to kill the bad vibes because water is the element that attracts negative energies and eliminates them easily. Because negative energy can certainly affect your health.

Here's how to perform the ritual:

1.You need to pour tap water into a glass and place the glass under your bed. The water should stay under your bed throughout the whole night.

2. When you wake up the next morning, take the glass and observe it. If you notice bubbles in the water and if the water is clouded, it means that the method has worked and has finished effectively.

3. The last thing that you should do so that the trick is done completely, is to flush the water down the toilet.

The next night you should repeat the method, and when you do, make sure you are not using the same water from the last night. You should never do that.

Check Yourself If You Have Diabetes in Just One Minute by Simply Using Your Hands

You can check whether you have Diabetes by your hands!

This problem has become widespread in today’s society – Diates Mellitus or DM, usually referred to as diabetes, is a group of metabolic problem in which there are high blood sugar levels more than a prolonged period.

You can really do a test to check diabetes which you can do in the comforts of your house. This will be performing by blood testing.

But first, let us be knowledgeable with the meaning of pre-diabetes.


When a person is identified with pre-diabetes, it indicates that he or she has blood sugar levels that are prominent than normal, but it is not yet a level of diabetic.

The name “prediabetes” comes from the instance that a lot of people who have this are on the way to become diabetic and, although not all with pre-diabetes enhance type 2 diabetes, some prediabetics will.

This does not indicate that you’ll become diabetic but long term prediabetes cause to other severe problems like heart diseases and nerve damage.

The symptoms are not actually visible so everyone should learn how to identify them.


The most significant symptoms for this problem are:
Increased Urination
Increased Thirst
Unexplained Loss of Weight
Blurry Eyesight
Increased Appetite
Sores Do Not Cure

Below is the step by step direction for substitute pre-diabetes diagnosed:

- Hold up your one finger if you’re a man, none of you are women.

- Hold up three fingers if you are 60 above of age, 2 fingers if you’re 50 above of age, and 1 finger if you’re 40 above of age, none if you’re below 40 years of age.

- Hold up one finger if you believe you do not get sufficient physical activity, none if you believe you’re physically lively enough.

- Hold up one finger if anybody in your relatives has diabetes, none if your relatives do not have a past of diabetes.

- Hold up one finger if you have high blood pressure, none if you have an average blood pressure.

- Hold up three fingers if you are seriously obese, two fingers if you are overweight, one finger if you are moderately overweight and no fingers if you are at well body weight.

Korean Secret: How to Lighten Your Skin to be Whiter and Fairer like Korean Skin

Korea has the region's best-kept beauty secrets. As the 12th largest cosmetics producer on the planet, Koreans care about looking good, and have tried and tested formulas for ageless-looking skin.

The main difference between Korean and Western skincare regimes is that Korean children are taught to take care of their skin daily from a very early age.

By teaching children how to properly moisturize, exfoliate, and protect their skin so young, they learn how important it is to be in control of their skin's health.

These Asian beauty tips from Korea are all you need to know for radiant, flaw-free skin.

1. Skin Care

Korean children,consider skin care as the ultimate investment and spend considerable time in taking care of it. A good skin care regime reduces the chances of unwanted blemishes and other skin problems and makes your skin radiant.

2. Double Cleansing

Korean women follow the double cleansing method. The aim is to remove the makeup along with the dirt that settles on the face throughout the day.

* Pre-cleanse

The first step is to remove the makeup and traces of oil using a liquid cleanser. Then, apply cleansing oil to remove bacteria, sebum, and other impurities. After cleansing, wash your facethoroughly with lukewarm water.

* Re-cleanse

Koreans consider cleansing as the key to a radiant skin. Clean the pre-cleansed skin with a mild foaming cleanser by applying it in a circular motion with the help of your fingertips.

3. Exfoliating

Cleansing and exfoliating help remove the impurities from the skin and unclog the pores for a smooth and refreshed skin. An exfoliator removes the dead skin cells collected on the surface of the skin.

4. Toning

Toning sets the skin after cleansing and exfoliating so that the skin absorbs the moisturizer well. They replenish and nourish the skin, and simultaneously, shrink the size of pores.

5. Moisturizing

Koreans soften their skin using a light moisturizer. They apply moisturizer using their fingertips and massage in a circular motion to promote blood circulation.

6. Natural Face Masks

Koreans prefer face masks made of natural ingredients and the most commonly used ingredients include fermented yeast, green tea, and snail mucin.

7. Applying SPF

Most of the Korean beauties do not step out of their house without applying a sunblock. Irrespective of the season, they do not skip SPF, as applying a sunblock also helps prevent wrinkles, aging, and blemishes.

9. Using Eye Cream

Koreans believe in keeping the delicate eye area super moisturized by tapping on an eye cream around the eyes before sleeping. This prevents dark circles, wrinkles, and puffiness.

10. Proper Diet

A cardinal rule of skin care states that you are what you eat. The Korean diet is nutritious and varied and rich in nutrient

Taking care of your skin in the morning and in the evening, every single day, means the chance of unwanted blemishes erupting is lessened significantly, leaving your skin to shine.

The earlier you realize this, the healthier your skin will be in the long-term.

BAYABAS: See What Will Happen To Your Body When You Eat Guava For 3 Straight Days

Did you know that Guava has very potent antioxidant properties?

One of the best foods definitely presents guava.

It is one plant which will help you to improve your overall health.

In case you have or consume excessive quantities of vitamins and minerals your body will be a healthy bomb.

Below we are going to present you several reasons why you should consume guava every day:

A. Boosts thyroid function

- You need to consume guava in order to make your thyroid works properly.

B. Lowers cancer risk

- Guava is one of the best ingredients which will help keep you away from cancer disease.

C. Heart benefits

- Thanks to the nutrients found in guava and guava leaf, this yummy fruit can protect your heart from high cholesterol and high triglyceride levels.

D. Maximizes brain function

- Guava plant has good properties which will help you to stimulate the brain function.

E. Supports immunity

- You immune system will be improved in case you consume guava. It will boost your immunity system and make you feel better.

F.Treats diarrhea

- In case you consume guava plant you will eliminate the diarrhea and you will not spend your day hanging with your bathroom, also you need to drink a lot of water because you can be dehydrated.

Contraceptives Pills : Dangers and Side Effects That Every Woman Should Know

Birth control pills are the most effective and most recommended by doctors to prevent unwanted pregnancy, but doctors did not explain the side effects that comes from it.

Doctors never explain the effects of it in the long term use as it will scare all of the women who are ready to try it or taking it now.

These pills has many bad effects on the body, birth control pills makes the menstrual cramps easier and it slows down menstrual cycle but below are list of dangerous side effects of birth control pills.

Side effects of Birth Control Pills:

1. Breakthrough bleeding – this is caused by hormones that makes the endometrial lining thinner and more fragile that will lead wear and tear.

2. Blood clots – are the most common side effects of pills, if you experience blood clot like swollen leg or chest pain stop consuming the pill and consult a doctor.

3. Mood swings – are commonly experienced by women who takes birth control pills but this can also lead to depression.

4. Destroys good bacteria – pills actually destroys good bacteria in the intestines, this will cause yeast overgrowth, low immunity and infection.

5. Disrupts ovulation – pills tend to release artificial hormones in a specific time to prevent ovulation, overtime the ovaries forget how to do their job because of the preventive signal made by the pills.

6. Damages the lining in the uterus – pills changes the lining in the uterine to avoid the implantation of fertilized egg, through time this lining is being thinner unnecessary for carrying a child even if you wanted it.

The birth control pills causes infertility with long term use, that is why if you are taking this at a very young age then stop if you don’t want to be infertile forever.

Healing Powers of OKRA: What Happens to Your Body when You Eat Okra Every Day

OKRA, commonly known as lady’s fingers, is used in various recipes.

This vegetable is of high medicinal and nutritional value. it can be eaten raw, cooked, or steamed depending on the diet plan.

It helps in normalizing blood sugar levels, relieves constipation acts as a respiratory soother.

But there is much more to okra.. Below are the known health benefits of OKRA:

* Okra Promotes a Healthy Pregnancy

An extremely important B vitamin for producing and

Okra is rich in both folate and vitamin C which are essential for fetal development. Folate helps in maintaining new cells while vitamin C helps prevent birth defects like spina bifida and helps the baby to grow sufficiently.

* Helps Prevent Diabetes

The fiber in okra proves to be beneficial in normalizing blood sugar in the body which in turns helps with diabetes.

* Helps with Kidney Disease

Regular consumption of okra can help prevent kidney disease according to a recent study. Those who ate okra daily reduced clinical signs of kidney damage more than those that simply ate a diabetic diet.

* Supports Colon Health

Since okra is full of dietary fiber, it is essential for colon health and digestive health as a whole. The fiber Okra provides helps to clean out the gastrointestinal system, allowing the colon to work at greater levels of efficiency.

If you are interested in feeling okra health benefits and growing okra yourself, don’t hesitate to start right when you can.

Important Things You Must Know About Your Blood Type

We all know that a healthy lifestyle and a proper nutrition, loaded with lots of raw fruits and vegetables, is extremely important for us and our health in general.

There are 4 different blood types: A, B, AB, O. our blood type is something that we are born with, something that creates itself while we are still in the womb and we cannot change it further in life.

Expert claim that every blood type has it's own properties.

This is a review of a most important characteristics of blood types.

Blood type and nutrition

During the entire day, a chemical reaction happens in our bodies, so the blood type is very important when it comes to digestion or weight loss.

People with different types of blood should consume different kind of food. For instance, those who have blood type O should consume high protein nutrition such as meat and fish.

People with blood type A should avoid meat because vegetables are more suitable for them.

People with blood type B need to avoid chicken meat and consume red meat more, whereas group AB will benefit from sea foods and lean meat.

Blood type and offspring

About 85% of people are Rh positive. Yet, if the woman is Rh negative and the man who she conceives with is Rh positive, there is an increased risk that their child will develop some health issue.

Blood type and illnesses

Due to the fact that every blood type has different characteristics, every blood group is resistant to one type of disease, but in the same time it is more susceptible to some other kind of disease.

In order to prevent specific diseases, you should know the characteristics of your blood type.

Blood antigens

Blood antigens are present in blood, but also can be presented elsewhere. For instance, these antigens are present in the digestive tract, from the mouth up to the colon and also in the nostrils and lungs.

Blood type and weight problems

Recent studies have proved that your blood type determines whether you’ll have belly fat or not.

To be more precise, individuals with blood type A rarely experience belly fat problems, while people with blood type O are more prone to it.

Blood type and abdomen

Do you know that are we going to have belly fat or not depends on the blood type?

For example people with blood type A almost never had problem with belly fat while the people with blood type O are more prone to belly fat.

Blood type and Pregnancy

Blood type has great role in the area of pregnancy. There is type which can conceive more easily than others.

Women with blood type AB produce less follicle stimulating hormone allowing the body to conceive more easily.

Blood type and Stress Susceptibility

Everyone reacts differently to stress; we can say that blood type has great influence on how we can deal in stress situations.

For example people with blood type O can get furious easily, they have higher level of adrenalin and need more time to put themselves together in a stressful situation.

Blood type and marriage

When it comes to planning children, some blood types should not get mixed, so when you decide to get married, make sure to check your partner’s blood type group.

People with A and B blood type should not mix because according to the RH factor, RH+ and RH- should not be mixed. Because of this, there are many states who require couples to do a blood test before they get married.

Blood type and emergencies

Even though majority people don’t do this, it is advisable to carry some personal info regarding to your blood type in your wallet.

Namely, in case of emergencies when you are unconscious and you may be in need of blood transfusion, this info would be very useful, instead of wasting time to check your blood type.

Common Things or Happenings You See In Your Dreams That You Should Never Ignore

Dream is considered to be a form of self-communication. The mind always dictates our emotions, which can affect the way we sleep or what we dream about.

But did you know that there is science behind sleep?

Fortunately, we do have the ability to study our dreams and interpret the common dream symbols they contain.

A team of scientists from the ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratory in Kyoto, Japan have recently examined brain scans in order to find some visual dream imagery.

They discovered that we watch our dreams in the same manner as we watch the world around us.

Although there aren't always hard-and-fast universal definitions, the following dream meanings offer a sound starting point to understand you. These 10 symbols are just a few suggestions into the meaning of dreams.

1. Flying

Dreaming of flying is as indication of a need to reach ambition. These dreams leave us recharged when we wake up, and there’s a feeling of freedom and a feeling of being able to achieve anything.

2. Waterfalls

Dreaming of water is usually associated with your emotional state of mind. Water symbolizes cleansing and purity, and dreaming of waterfalls is a symbol of new beginnings.

3. Teeth

Dreaming of teeth being pulled out means that something will come out, while rotten teeth indicate the holding of fear and anxiety. Falling teeth are the most widespread teeth dreams and are usually associated with stressful things like a new job, fear of loss, lack of power in a relationship or hidden lies.

4. Death

Death dreams are more common than people think, and they symbolize the end of something. Death is the termination of ego parts. It is a psychological aspect of some great emotional changes. Also, deaming of death can symbolize guidance from a loved one to give comfort.

5. Pregnancy

Dreaming of being pregnant indicates a major growth or development which is linked to your desires and future projects.

6. Houses

House dreams symbolize the self and different personality aspects. Depending on the type of house and the number of rooms, the interpretation can vary. These dreams are about security and comfort.

7. Money

Dreaming of money is often associated with luck and gives us gratitude. Dreaming of winning the lottery indicates a change in your lifestyle, while dreaming of giving money symbolizes the fear of loss.

8. Adultery

Dreaming of adultery symbolizes your sexual desires and urges which are repressed or need to be expressed. These type of dreams also symbolize abandonment and fears, self-worth issues and unconscious acceptance of a problematic relationship.

9. Fire

Fire dreams have different meaning – if you dream of fire in the distance it symbolizes desire and transformation, while playing with fire indicates risky activities. If you’re starting a fire in your dream, it symbolizes repressed anger.

10. N.aked

Being naked in your dreams is associated with the fear of being exposed. If you dream of someone else being naked, it symbolizes “the naked truth” of some situation or predicts a future affair.

Alarming: The Life Of Your Kids is at Risk if You Let These Apps Expose to Them

In this modern time, most of the kids are using gadgets like tablets and smartphones wherein they can watch videos which in learning purposes.

There are also some applications that they can play different kind of games.

How sad that the reality now kids are being stocked and exposed with these modern technologies. They supposed to enjoy their childhood by playing some physical activities with other kids.

But because there are parents who are busy and not being able to focus to their kids, they are allowing their kids to download and use any applications they want.

Parents should always be aware of whatever application that their kids using and watching. There are some applications that can kill their beloved kids.

These apps are The Momo App and the Blue Whale Challenge which are said to be most popular gaming apps.

These two are most influential game challenge circulating in social media, so be alert!

It said to be that victims are given 50 challenges which they need to complete.

It consist of harming themselves, watching horror movies, isolating themselves and not talking to other people and committing a suicide at the end of the challenge.

Recently, it was reported which one of the latest victims was CJ, an 11-year-old kid, an honor student, who is supposed to be graduating in elementary but he will no longer be able to do it.

He was allegedly ingested gout tablets which caused his early death.

Apart from that according to his parents, CJ lately stays up late watching horror movies. There was also an instance when CJ told them that he saw one of his classmates lacerate himself inside their classroom.

The most disturbing thing is the words which came from his own mouth when he was in the hospital. His mother recalled him saying: “I will follow my master and I will kill them all.”

In 2016, these apps were first seen targeting young kids who are doting of using gadgets. Furthermore, in Dubai, UAE, and other countries the police authorities warned parents about the Momo app advising parents to watch their kids and should any signs of abnormal activities, they should seek professional help at once.

Also, kids are warned to avoid clicking any pop-outs which may possibly redirect them to these kinds of apps.

Everybody must be especially watchful of the links they click or people they meet with. No matter what the modern technology trend with, parents should always be watchful and check their kids.

The life of your kids is at risk if you let these apps expose to them.

Dangerous Nail Black Line: Here's What It Means If You See Black On Your Nail

Nails in good condition can be very attractive. They reflect an individual's personal habits, may it be good or bad.

Aside from their cosmetic appeal, nails serve many important functions. They help us pick up and manipulate objects and support the tissues of the fingers and toes. Most importantly, nails often reflect our general state of health.

Have you ever noticed a lengthwise black or brown band on your or someone else’s nail?

Nail discoloration that occurs as a vertical line is also called longitudinal melanonychia. It occurs due to an overproduction of melanocytes in that area of the nail.

These nail bands are sometimes caused by “nail moles” and similar to moles elsewhere in the body, may not develop into a more serious problem but still need to be monitored.

What it could mean?

It could be an early sign of Melanoma, the deadliest form of cancer. People with darker skin are more vulnerable than Caucasians, but darker-skinned races also have more dark lines in nails that are benign, according to a 2004 report in American Family Physician.

There are numerous other reasons why nail pigment banding occurs:

- trauma to the nail

- medication

- systemic diseases

- vitamin deficiencies

If nail melanoma is suspected then a biopsy will be performed to remove the entire nail complex. Also, a Mohs micrographic surgery will be done, which has an extremely high cure rate.

Next step? Always have a doctor check out a suspicious black line on the nail quickly because of the high skin cancer risk.

Dangerous Early Warning Signs Of Kidney Failure Most People Tend Ignore!

Most people are not aware of the fact that kidney diseases can be silent killers.

They may not show any symptoms for a long time till the situation becomes critical. Kidneys are the organs that help filter waste products from the blood.

They are also involved in regulating blood pressure, electrolyte balance, and red blood cell production in the body.

Initially kidney failure may cause no symptoms.

Therefore it is essential for you to recognize the symptoms of kidney diseases early so that you can seek treatment for the same.

Know, are you at risk of developing kidney diseases.

1. Lower back pain

If you experience this type of pain, especially on the side you sleep on, it may indicate that the kidney on that side may be damaged.

This pain is normally accompanied by painful urination. This pain gradually eases when you wake up in the middle of the night and get out of bed.

2. Appearance of skin diseases

Common symptoms of kidney failure are skin itching and dryness. For one thing, your kidneys are in charge of eliminating toxins from your body along with your liver. Hence, any kidney dysfunction can easily result in skin-related issues, such as rashes.

3. Swelling of different body parts

A more alarming symptom of this condition is swelling of different body parts. As mentioned above, your kidneys are crucial for eliminating waste from your body, so when their function is compromised, wastes in the body start to build up, which results in swelling.

4. The color of your urine

In case of kidney dysfunction, the color of your urine changes too. Apart from changing color, your urine can also become foamy or much more concentrated. This symptom requires immediate medical attention.

Kidney damage can be prevented by cutting down the risk factors, some of which include avoiding harmful places, such as places where people smoke or places full of cadmium like industrial workplaces.

Another important step to take is maintaining strong immune system by doing regular workout and eating a healthy and balanced diet rich in green leafy vegetables.

Expert Warning : You Need To Stop Eating This Food Immediately, It Causes 4 Types Of Dangerous Diseases

Every child loves hot dog. Who doesn't? A very enjoyable food for children.

However, things are changing and it has been discovered that hot dog isn't that fun anymore, since they cause CANCER.

Hot dogs are extremely unhealthy and produced in robotized manner and there is nothing natural connected with them. In other words, they are a mixture of pork, beef and chicken.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently released a report suggesting that all processed meats can cause cancer, including the red meat.

Hot dogs contain a mixture of pork, beef and chicken. In their production, factories use leftovers from cutting steaks or pork chops and ‘edible’ slaughter by-products, such as animal feet and heads, fatty tissue and skins.

During the process, all the ingredients are mixed together. The mixture is enhanced with numerous additives, such as sat, corn syrup, nitrates, large salt quantities, and other chemicals, most of which have been associated with cancer.

A certain study shows that children who eat over 10 hotdogs every month could increase the risk of acquiring childhood leukemia nine times more than those who doesn't consume that much.

Furthermore, it suggest that those who consume only one hot dog a day are at 21% higher risk of colorectal cancer.

How could hot dogs cause cancer?

Hot dogs contain nitrites which are used as preservatives, primarily to combat botulism.

During the cooking process, nitrites combine with amines naturally present in meat to form carcinogenic compounds and have been associated with cancer of the oral cavity, urinary bladder, esophagus, stomach and brain.

To make hot dogs safe and palatable, a mélange of binders, fillers, flavorings, and preservatives are added, including corn syrup, nitrates, MSG, and other synthetic chemicals.

The appearance of nitrosamines is only a result of one of the most problematic additives used in hot dogs. They are nitrates and nitrites. Even the organic hot dogs contain nitrite.

These additives combine with amines and the result is nitrosamines, which is connected with stomach, bladder, and pancreas cancer.

Most Poisonous Plant That You Need To Stay Away From!

A Facebook post claims that an indoor plant that is commonly kept in homes and offices is so poisonous that it can kill a child in less than a minute and an adult in 15 minutes.

The message, which comes with a photograph of the "killer plant", also warns that touching the plant and then rubbing your eyes can cause permanent blindness.

The plant shown in the below photograph that comes with this warning post is a 'dieffenbachia' or commonly known as Dumb cane, a very popular indoor pot plant.

If the leaves are ingested by humans or animals, poisoning can indeed occur.

Poisonous ingredients include:

- Oxalic acid
- Asparagine, a protein found in this plant


- Burning in mouth or throat
- Damage to cornea of the eye
- Eye pain
- Hoarse voice
- Nausea or vomiting
- Swelling in mouth or tongue

Once ingested, immediately wipe out the mouth with a cold, wet cloth. Rinse your eyes and skin well if they touched the plant. Give milk to drink to neutralize the poison before calling for help.

Before Calling Emergency

Determine the following information:

- The patient's age, weight, and condition
- The parts of the plant that were eaten
- The time swallowed
- The amount swallowed

You Really Should Not Drink Coffee on an Empty Stomach

Almost all people in the world begins their day with a cup of coffee, this is the drink that will complete their whole day.

But some studies have said that consuming coffee in the morning on an empty stomach can actually make a serious health problem.

Reasons why you should not drink coffee on an empty stomach:


The stomach comprises hydrochloric acid that helps the body digest the food effectively with the right amount.

But when the stomach has nothing to digest then the acid will not work as effective as it is, rather make the stomach slosh and may lead to abdominal distress.

Consuming a cup of coffee on an empty stomach secretes more acid and can damage the stomach. This could cause acid reflux, heartburn, stomach ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome.

Longevity coffee is natural low acid kind of coffee that can lower the quantity of acid in the morning drink.


Having coffee on an empty stomach will reduce the ability of the brain to process serotonin a proper way.

When the brain cannot process it then it will result in anxiety and depression. This will also cause boost of cortisol and adrenaline levels which will result in nervousness, weakening and jittery.


This can actually elevate the amount of fluid in the body that passes, that is why drinking coffee with an empty is not recommended most likely for those who are working hard.


Consuming coffee will make you feel not in the mood to consume food or loss of appetite. Coffee has that kind of appetite suppressant that is why it is being used as a weight loss method.

But studies have shown that if you skip on breakfast then the tendency of it is to eat more during another meal which will result in gaining more weight.

Things You Need To Know Why You Should Keep a Plastic Of Water Outside of your Home

The summer is approaching and of course, many people love summer it is the time where you can do a lot of activities.

But mosquitoes, flies and other insects are roaming around anywhere, this is an annoying situation.

However, in every problem that we encounter there are solutions that can be done.

There are some tricks and tips to make your house protected from these insects and pests.

Although they have the ability to be alive while the insect repellants and fly traps are too expensive and contain a lot of chemicals that may harm us.

It is best to have alternatives to remove of the insects but in low expense way. It is really good to discover clever and simple tricks that is environment-friendly and no harmful chemicals that give you the way to enjoy the summer season.

Homemade fly trap

A heavy duty freezer bag
Table Salt
Lime Juice
A few Coins

Mix all these items inside the freezer bag and instantly you will have hanging tools that will be the nightmare of the flies inside your house.

Hang the plastic bag up above outside your door using a rope or small cable.

It is best to keep the bag near to outdoor light, lamp or any source of light so that day and night at your house will be safe from flies.

The shiny reflection of the coins inside the plastic bag will produce a discomforting and bad appearance for the flies’ eyes.

The flies have different eyesight, and the effect of the device we made is that it creates an image and illusion that will prevent them to go near closer to the plastic bag.

The flies have a total of 3,000-6000 lenses these are for them to see the world in a mosaic pattern.

The coins inside the bag with water breaks and produce delusional refraction that makes them confuse and force them to be away from your home or any place you desire.

Reason Why You Should Never Post Pictures of your Boarding Pass Online

There are a lot of people who have made social media their diary.

Almost everything that they do is being posted often take pictures of our outfits, things that we brought, food that we ate, passports and boarding passes.

However, experts just recently claim that you should take good care of your boarding pass before, during and after your flight.

A boarding pass is just a piece of card that contains the name of the passenger, flight number, destination, seat number and gate number.

But did you know that exposing your boarding passes could expose all of your vital information to hackers?

The boarding pass contains a bar code that could show all your personal information such as your name, address, email address and even your contact number.

These information can be used by the hackers to access your personal information and of course your financial details.

Are you wondering how it happens? Well watch this!

No Placement Fee: Updated 2019 In Demand Job Offers In Australia For Filipinos

Australia has always been a popular overseas employment destination for Filipinos. There are hundreds of thousands of Filipino overseas workers that POEA sends in the land “Down Under”.

Australia also offer job opening for skilled filipino workers with "no placement fee".

The Philippine Overseas Employment Agency, or POEA, is the branch of the Philippine government that manages the migration of Filipino workers in other countries.

POEA maintains a system that delivers services for the recruitment and the deployment of Filipino workers overseas.

If you are looking to work overseas, it is important that you coordinate with the POEA to make sure that you are protected against illegal recruiters, and to ensure that you are informed with your rights as overseas filipino worker (OFW) in a foreign country.

Regarding to the safe cities index, Melbourne ranks No. 9 for infrastructure safety all over the world and Sydney ranks No. 6.

Australia's economy is also strong regarding of its currency exchange rate 1.00 AUD (Australian Dollar) is equivalent to 37.00 PHP. published on December 2014 mentioned that Australia has a shortage of manpower in these categories:

Agriculture and Horticulture, Automotive trades, building Professions and technicians, child care occupations, construction trades, metal workers, food trades, hairdresser, and several health professions.

To avoid being victimized by illegal recruiters, applicants and experienced OFWs should ONLY apply to accredited agencies and employers from POEA.

The following agencies has distinguished job orders and you should verify with the manpower agency itself, if the position and job offer is still available and active.

Agency Name: IKON SOLUTIONS ASIA INC Landbased Agency
Telephone Numbers: 8403252
Email Address :
Website :
Official Representative : BERNICE GAMBOA BERENGUER
License Validity : 1/13/2017 to 1/12/2021 / Valid License

Vacancies and Job order balance:
CHEF - 1
COOK - 10

Office Address: RMS 401,405,406&407, JR BLDG, 1520 QUEZON AVENUE SOUTH TRIANGLE, QUEZON CITY
Telephone Numbers: 4121311/4144399/4101234
Email Address :
Website :
Official Representative : RUSSELL C GARCIA
License Validity : 3/8/2016 to 3/7/2020 / Valid License

Vacancies and Job order balance:

Telephone Numbers: 4108446 / 3326015 / 3718142 / 3762956
Email Address:
License February 7, 2016 to February 6, 2020 / Valid License

Vacancies and Job order balance:

Telephone Numbers: 8043845/ 8043845/ 7503414/ 09178222270/09189634035
Email Address :
Website :
Official Representative : MARICAR R JAURIGUE
License Validity : 7/9/2016 to 7/8/2020 / Valid License

Vacancies and Job order balance:

Telephone Numbers: 815-1077
Email Address :
Website :
Official Representative : LUCAS FELIX M. BRITANICO
License Validity : 4/2/2016 to 4/1/2020 / Valid License

Vacancies and Job order balance:


Complete List of 62 Countries and Territories Where Philippine Passport Bearer Can Visit Visa-Free

One of the greatest dream of some Filipinos is to travel around the world.

But some Filipinos are having a hard time obtaining Visas as there are many requirements needed.

But it is a good news that there are 62 beautiful Countries and Territories which every Philippine Passport bearer can enter these country with Visa-Free.

Filipinos who love to travel can visit these 62 countries and territories without a visa before departing from Philippines.

On the other hand it is important to remember the Six Month Validity Passport Rule.

Because of the Visa Time Limits of most of the countries will not permit a traveler to enter their country if your passport is set to expire within 6 months.

Based to Passport Index, the Philippine passport currently ranks 67th in the whole universe, one step higher compared to last year at 66th.

Here are the complete list of countries and territories where Philippine passport bearer can visit visa-free:

Armenia – Visa on Arrival

Bolivia – Free Visa

Brazil – Free Visa

Brunei – Free Visa

Cambodia – Free Visa

Cape Verde – Visa on Arrival

Colombia – Free Visa

Comoros – Free Visa

Costa Rica – Free Visa

Cote d’lvoire – Free Visa

Djibouti – Visa on Arrival

Dominica – Visaon Arrival

Ecuador – Free Visa

Fiji – Free Visa

Gambia – Free Visa

Guinea Bissau – Visa on Arrival

Haiti – Free Visa

Hong Kong – Free Visa

India – E-Visa

Indonesia – Free Visa

Iran – Visa on Arrival

Israel – Free Visa

Kenya – Visa on Arrival / E-Visa

Kyrgyzstan – Visa on Arrival

Laos – Free Visa

Macao – Free Visa

Madagascar – Visa on Arrival

Malawi – Visa on Arrival

Malaysia – Free Visa

Maldives – Visa on Arrival

Marshall Islands – Visa on Arrival

Mauritania – Visa on Arrival

Mauritius – Visa on Arrival

Micronesia – Free Visa

Mongolia – Free Visa

Morocco – Free Visa

Mozambique – Visa on Arrival

Myanmar – Free Visa

Nepal – Visa on Arrival

Nicaragua – Visa on Arrival

Palau – Visa on Arrival

Palestinian Territories – Free Visa

Papua New Guinea – Visa on Arrival

Peru – Free Visa

Rwanda – Free Visa

Saint Lucia – Visa on Arrival

Samoa – Visa on Arrival

Seychelles – Visitor’s Permit

Singapore – Free Visa

Sri Lanka – eTa

St. Vincent and the Grenadines – Free Visa

Taiwan – Free Visa

Tajikistan –Visa on Arrival / E-Visa

Tanzania – Visa on Arrival

Thailand – Free Visa

Timor-Leste – Visa on Arrival

Togo – Visa on Arrival

Trinidad and Tobago – Visa on Arrival

Tuvalu – Visa on Arrival

Uganda – Visa on Arrival

Vanuatu – Free Visa

Vietnam – Free Visa

Warning Symptoms That You Have Kidney Disease but You Always Ignore Them

Symptoms may differ from person to person, but most symptoms of Kidney Disease are being disregarded due to some of it are just unnoticeable.

Well, bad news is that your body is releasing warning signs and you just remain disregarding it.

These are the things that you should watch out for and if you find one of these signals, it is best to look for your specialist immediately.

1. Fatigue

Kidneys play a vital role in your body and in the production of red blood cells.

So when your kidney is weakening, it will lessen the production of red blood cells that may results to you from experiencing from chronic fatigue.

2. Itching

Toxins that go in our body are being cleared through the kidneys. If kidneys are not correctly working, then the toxin level increases and it is usual to feel itchiness when it occurs.

3. Inflammation

Kidney failure is one of the components to watch out for if you have inflammation due to imbalance of water and sodium amount in our body.

4. Anemia (lack of blood)

It occurs when there is insufficient red blood cells due to we do not obtain sufficient oxygen.

5. Back ache

Lower back ache can be a sign of kidney problem. If you get to this point then you may have reach the mature age of kidney illness like kidney stones or urinary tract infection (UTI).

6. Changes in Pee

If the kidneys are failing to work correctly then it may impact the pee. If this occurs your urine may seem like:

- Pee if foamy and bubbly

- Pee is dark and has a sturdy smell

- Always need to urinate

- Blood in the pee

7. Bad breath

As we said a while ago, kidneys help in disinfecting the body against the toxins.

So if your breath smells bad or if you suffer rust-like-taste in your mouth, it may be an indication that your kidneys are weakening due to it does not take away the toxins from your body.