Study For Free via Tesda 2020: Learn 5 Foreign Languages Skills For Free Offered By Tesda | No Tuition Fee Needed

Apart from different vocational and technical skills training, TESDA is also giving foreign language and culture courses this year 2020.

Learning various foreign language such as Nihongo, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, English nowadays have big benefit in the workplace and even during the hiring method.

Employers / Manpower Agencies that have accessible job openings in New Zealand, Australia, UAE, Japan, and other countries frequently consider applicants that are bi-lingual or educates of various language other than their own.

This is due to the companies frequently expand overseas and / or have international clients.

Specification and Requirements:

- Must be Filipino (any gender), aged 18 y/o and above, and High School graduate. To be at the preference list, applicants must be pre-qualified to work locally and abroad.

- Or, you can constantly inquire to TESDA - LSI if you actually like to study foreign language.

Here are the lists of available Foreign Language courses with time span:

- Basic Japanese Language (Nihongo) and Culture - 150 hrs.
- Basic Chinese Language (Mandarin) and Culture - 100 hrs.
- Basic Spanish Language - 100 hrs.
- Basic Arabic Language & Saudi or Gulf Culture - 100 hrs.
- English Proficiency for Customer Service Workers - 100 hrs.

Based to the official website of TESDA these language courses are FREE of Charge or “libre” in Language Skills Institute.


Course accessibility differs in every LSI, so please ask the LSI near you regards to the language courses they’re presently offering.

Documents required during the application:
- Applicants should bring any of the following documents such as TOR, college or high school diploma, training or competency certificates publicized through TESDA.
- Applicants should also bring true copy of birth certificates from NSO, 1x1 (3 pieces), and 2x2 picture (1 piece) with white background and a long brown envelope.

Language Skills Institute Schedule
The enrollment is on first come first serve basis so essentially it’s better to register for a slot as early as possible.
- Morning schedule begins at 7:30 am - 11:30 am
- Afternoon schedule begins at 12:30 pm - 4:30 om
- Every Mondays - Fridays only
Source: Matts Cradle