Know The Correct Way How to Use Or Putting On A Medical Mask

Keeping ourselves out from viruses and diseases that we may acquire outside our home, which is mostly use and wearing medical mask or surgical mask.

Purposely, covering our face just to make sure and feel secured also will help protect us from catching illness. It has also ear loops or ties on both sides so that the back of the head can hold it.

Medical masks or surgical masks can help reduce the spread of the viruses — but only if they’re worn correctly and frequently.

Here’s the two ways how to wear correctly in which a concerned citizen shared thru Facebook states that:

As you noticed, medical or surgical mask has two sides and has particular purpose:

Outer part should be Blue side

When you are sick and you don’t want other people to catch any infections from you, the inner part should be the white one and the outer should be the blue.

Outer part should be White Side

As a reverse side, if you don’t want to catch any infections from other people and you want to protect yourself from the diseases that might enter your immune system, have the blue are on the inside and the white are on the outside.

Moreover, according to her post The blue or colored side of the mask it prevents fluids from going inside your mouth or nose, while the white one is the filter that blocks any micro-organism from entering when you’re inhaling and exhaling.

A lot of netizen commented and thankful for the shared post. They didn’t realize the real usage of surgical masks or medical masks ever since until the shared post got viral.

Indeed, it is advisable to make sure which is primarily thing to do is by washing hands with soap and water. Knowing that our hands are one of the major parts of the body that can easily transfer the viruses and bacteria. Also a warning to the public that never to re-use or share the face mask with others as this is a part of proper hygiene and to avoid transmitting the viruses and diseases.