Hygiene Tips: 10 Tips to Have a Healthy, Clean and Fresh Private Area

Girls, you only have one feminine area. Making sure it healthy is essential. Protect your vag!na from odor, infections and irritations. Do these 10 tips to remain your intimate part happy and healthy.

10 tips for a healthy vag!na:

- Do not use vag!nal sprays, they can destruct the PH balance in your vag!na and trigger irritation and rashes too.

- Do not use soap, use special feminine soaps for your intimate area. These soaps or washes are created particularly for the PH balance of your private area.

It is also designed to eliminate or lessen odors. Avoid using regular soaps, mostly when on your period.

- Wear cotton underwear, cotton lets the air passage and does not create a moist environment in the private area.

Use silk, synthetic or lace underwear or special occasions only.

- Keep up with proper hygiene, mostly during menstruation. Change tampons and sanitary napkins every several hours to prevent rashes and irritations.

- Trim or wax your pubic hair for a clean and healthy intimate area. Excessive hair in the pubic area can make moisture; moist areas can trigger odors and infection.

- Avoid getting rashes and yeast infection through wearing loose fitting clothes. Clothes that are too tight can trigger sweating and dampness.

- Look at your intimate area daily, if you notice a various odor, discharge, allergies, uncommon colors or too much itching, see your doctor quickly. Get it checked and remove the symptoms before it becomes worse.

- Fortifies your pelvic muscles with Kegel workouts. Do this exercise through tightening your muscles while you pee for a several seconds and repeating until finish. You can do these work out while sitting down or standing throughout.

- Remain hydrated, drink a lot of water to wash out bacteria and toxins by the pee and sweat.

- See your gynecologist and get a pap smear. Cancer can be a difficult condition, get examined early for prevention. This might protect your life.