5 Sitting Positions That Can Reveal Your Personality and Attitude

It tells that our sitting posture manifests an insensible body language that displays our character and intentions in life by our sub conscious.

Almost every day, most of our time is spent on sitting down. We might not even perceive it due to resting is a relatively of our system, we do it each time.

Even on median, we spend approximately 9.3 hours sitting every day.

But did you know, sitting really holds many more meaning than just resting? Well, not the entire sitting thing, but the posture we’re most cozy with truly speaks something about us.

Below are the 5 sitting postures we commonly do and the factual meaning behind it:

Posture #1

- People who usually sit in this position aren’t boring in nature, they’re extremely imaginative, charming, yet a little immature.

They incline to say something out loud then think about the influence of what they said afterwards. In spite of looking fearful, this sitting posture recommends that the person likes to lead themselves through the principle.

Posture #2

- They frequently generate new and astonishing plan; hence they are commonly “the soul of the team or the company.”

They consistently love fresh begins in their lives and fast changes in decision are extremely common for them. This usual cross legs posture is frequently done by dreamers, they control wide imagination and dreams of various things. It is extremely simple for them to create new friends and the love to travel.

Posture #3

- They commonly find peace in confusion; what seems unorganized for others is naturally systematic for them, as that can find things there even when their eyes are closed. Support is the number one preference of people who usually sits in this type of posture. Impotence to focus on something is their major timidity; they can’t focus for a longer period of time, hence making them go off topic effortlessly.

Posture #4

- They’re known for being clean in nature and do not like public display of affection in overall. People who normally sit in this posture worth punctuality, they dislike being late and late comers. They’re extremely intelligent yet sensitive at the same time. For these individuals, the world is an aggressive surrounding and their home is their shelter to hide in times of problem.

Posture #5

- They have a lot of goals in life and like everything to be the best. This kind of people also categorizes their appearance and will do everything to remain it ideal. Timing is everything for people who frequently sit in this posture, they don’t rush to access marriage and have a family as they like to secure their education and job first.