Warning Signs and Symptoms of Lung Problem In Men And Women | Lung Disease

This is a common type of cancer that can affect both men and women. The increasing numbers of people having lung cancer is disturbing that is why it is necessary to be aware of its early signs and warning for earlier detection and prevention.

Being diagnosed of having a lung cancer is like having a death sentence.

Because lung cancer killed 1.3 million people around the word at this time, but you can prevent further damage and spread of cancer if detected early, but late confirmation leads to difficult treatment.

Men are more prone to this type of cancer because of their smoking habits but you can’t tell that it may also affect women.

Symptoms of lung cancer is different for both men and women.

Lung cancer in women:

Adenocarcinoma – spreads on the outer part of the lungs and the symptoms are not obvious compare to other types of cancer. This tumor spreads throughout the body before being detected.

Some early symptoms are back and shoulder pain and shortness of breath while exercising.

Symptoms of cancer:

Increased in mucus production and color change.
Pain on shoulder, back and chest.
Continuous coughing.
Coughing with blood, or mucus with blood.
Annoying sounds while breathing.
Shortness of breath.

This cancer is uneasy to detect, the spread to the other parts of the body mostly detected at the advance stage of the cancer. When it spreads the symptoms can be felt in different body parts like liver, bones, lymph nodes and in the adrenal glands.

Symptoms of advance stage cancer:

Loss of muscles mass
Loss of appetite and unexplained weight loss
Blood clots
Swelling of face and neck
Memory loss
Unexplained bone fractures
Pain on joint and bones

Lung cancer in men:

Non-small cell lung cancer – develops at the center part of the lungs, nearly at the main airways of the lungs(bronchus), resulting to blockage of air and leading to symptoms which are obviously related to lung cancer.


Lung infections like bronchitis or pneumonia (repeatedly)
Severe cough