How to Lose Weight With Cucumber Diet In Just 7 days

This diet might help you get rid a ton of weight for 10 days. The diet includes cucumbers and works great together with regular exercise.

There are several diets you can read online that promise fast and effective results, but seldom have any of them really worked including the cucumber diet we have.

Here’s how the diet plan:

Breakfast: mix sliced 200 gr. of cucumbers to a cup of low-fat yogurt, if you are still hungry you can have apple or a few peach slices.

Lunch: make a bowl of cucumber salad and a piece of bread. Alternatively, you can make the following recipe:


1 cucumber

2 potatoes

300 gr. of fresh fruits

Tea or coffee with no sugar


You can either boil or bake the potatoes together with a piece of wheat bread and sliced cucumbers.

Snack, you can eat some of dried fruits or fruit salad paired with a cup of coffee or tea without sugar. Here’s another great meal you can have for lunch:


150 gr. of tuna or 2 eggs or 2 150 gr. of white meat

3 slices of whole wheat bread or 2 potatoes

1 cucumber

You can either choose potatoes or bread then eat them with tuna or cucumber – depends on you. If tuna taste is not your prepared, you can alternatively have grilled white meat and hard-boiled eggs.

For some snack while on cucumber diet:

Cucumber shake


-1 cucumber

-1 apple


-A handful of spinach

-20 gr. of almonds and walnuts


After washing everything, you can now mix apple, cucumber and spinach in a blender. Add the ginger next and mix again, then combine crushed almonds in the smoothie and drink it. This recipe can enhance your digestion and give your body a satisfying numerous vitamins and minerals needed.


For dinner, you can have 300 gr. of fruits alternatively a bowl of salad.

Strictly follow the diet plan to achieve the real result and the duration of the diet to lose weight and together with a regular exercise. You can also have a cup of low-fat yogurt with 200gr of cucumber for breakfast, or a plate of cucumber salad for lunch, and a bowl of fruit salad for dinner.