Brain Aneurysm: Facts. Causes , Risk And Symptoms

Brain aneurysms are most prevalent in people ages 35 to 60, but can occur in children as well. Most aneurysms develop after the age of 40.

According to statistics, approximately 15% of people with a ruptured aneurysm die before reaching the hospital. Most of the deaths are due to rapid and massive brain injury from the initial bleeding.

What is Brain Aneurysm?

A brain aneurysm, also known as a cerebral aneurysm, is a weak, bulging segment of a blood vessel in the brain. Left untreated, a brain aneurysm can burst and bleed into the brain.

A brain aneurysm rupture is a medical emergency. Almost half of people who experience a brain aneurysm rupture do not survive it.

About 20 to 35 percent of people have moderate to severe brain damage after a rupture.

When an aneurysm ruptures or bursts, it can bleed into the brain causing a hemorrhagic stroke. It can also bleed into the space around the brain causing a subarachnoid hemorrhage.

Either of these are serious conditions that can lead to permanent brain or nerve damage or death.

That is why it can be consider as one of the most killer brain diseases is aneurysm because of sudden attack that can lead to life threatening. Though scary, brain aneurysm ruptures are relatively rare.

It is necessary to be aware about the causes of this brain disease that will surely help you and your love ones, to avoid this kind of traitor killer, hence, here as follows:

1. Drinking Soft drinks

This beverage that no one can’t resist, though everybody knows what are the bad effects of drinking soft drinks as regular basis. In result consumption of soft drinks regularly can cause a ruptured brain, stroke or dementia. In fact the high amount of sugar associate with equal amount of caffeine can definitely bad not only for your sugar levels but also the blood vessel in your brain.

2. Heavy Exercises

Many of us believe that to keep healthy and fit, having regular exercise is really effective. Keep in mind that not to the point of exceeding limit that can result into worse risk. Unluckily, the use of heavy equipments and intensive workout sessions can trigger the blood vessels in the brain to burst which may then result to brain aneurysm. Best way to do, before you enroll yourself at the gym or do other exercise that may cause you serious health risks it is important to ask your doctor first and undergo executive check-up.

3. Emotionally Anger

Anger can intensify your blood pressure dramatically and can trigger brain bleed for up to seven times. It only signifies that people who get angry easily are those who grudge in their heart and mind, hard time concentrating and a constant negativity thinking which affects their mood. Less prone from suffering ruptured brain aneurysm are those people with calm personalities.

4. Blowing Your Nose

Sometimes having an allergy indicates that your immune system is weak; it can lead to experiencing often colds and cough then often blowing your nose. In result, this is to intensify the intracranial pressure of the brain and result to brain aneurysm.

5. Getting Frightened or Surprised

Miserably, this is the most dangerous situation for someone with brain aneurysm because your blood vessel is prone to burst when you have a startling experience. The percentage of ruptured brain aneurysm is increased to 23 times.

6. Love Intercourse

Did you know that love making causes pleasure centers of the brain to activate that some people get headaches after doing the deed? Although this is one of the most “needs” to consider of a human being. Inappropriately some headaches aren’t just migraines but an increase in blood pressure which may lead to bursting of the weakened blood vessel of the brain.

7. Straining the Toilet

Difficulty and having constipation is ill-tempered and sometimes others is to do force their bowels to come out but that is not a good way because can trigger to bursting of a weak blood vessel. Aneurysm will not experience immediately for doing so but if you already have it and you force it then it may cause ruptured brain aneurysm in the long run. As mostly doctor advice is to take laxative.

8. Drinking Coffee

Nowadays many of the people are addicted of drinking coffee. There is no doubt that coffee can gives kick off mood and other benefits, but consuming it in exceeding limit is not advisable. Coffee can affect the brain in which characterized by increasing the blood pressure in the brain. Always consume coffee in moderation and for those with weak blood vessel should be avoided of in taking coffee.

Hope this brief article you find it helpful on how brain aneurysm can be serious and needs concern. Since, aneurysm is a traitor killer brain disease and no one knows when or to whom it will attack even doctors cannot anticipate. It is much better to know how to prevent your blood vessel to get weak and rupture before it’s too late. Lifestyle changes and always be mindful of what you eat are the primary reminders to be healthy always!