Starting January 2020 the Maximum Maternity Financial Assistance Will Rise Up to P70,000 from SSS

According to President and CEO Aurora Ignacio, this was followed by the implementation of Republic Act no. 11210 or Expanded Maternity Leave Act and SSS Act of 2018.

Before it was only P32,000 Maternity benefit that a mother can get from SSS now it will rise up to P70,000.

Law implemented state that “All working mothers in the government and private sector are guaranteed with 105 days of paid maternity leave credits, with 7 days transferable to fathers. An additional 15 days of paid leave will be granted to single mothers”.

Employed women were previously entitled to 60 days of paid leave for normal delivery and 78 days for cesarean delivery.

The new law also gives mothers the option to extend their leave for another 30 days without pay, provided that the employer is given due notice in writing at least 45 days ahead before the end of the maternity leave.

The law also applies to every instance of pregnancy, removing the 4-pregnancy cap. It shall be applied to all female workers regardless of civil status.

For cases of miscarriage or emergency termination of pregnancy, a 60-day paid maternity leave shall be granted to a female worker.

This June 27, 2019 another good news approved with the connection of double Maternity Benefits that a mother can get from SSS particularly for those working moms.

It said that the reason of increase is because of the approving new minimum and maximum monthly salary credit.

Additionally, Ignacio said that starting when Expanded Maternity Leave Act was implemented, over 122,000 mothers were already avail the said benefits.

From January to April this year, over 15.09 percent compared last year with same months was increased. This is why total of Maternity Benefits will reach P2.67 Billion.

Indeed, it is really great news especially for mothers who need extra days/leave and financial assistance to their newly born child so that they can give extra care for them.