Sleeping Positions and Their Meaning About Personality and Effects To Your Health

Besides, your sleep positions may also have a positive or negative outcomes on your well-being.

There was once a research which discovered every sleeping position were really connected to a specific kind of character.

Below are the 6 most usual sleeping positions that can be connected to character:

1. The Fetal Posture

- In this spot, a person sleeps on his side, curled, with knees bent, drawn towards the abdomen, and arms lifted to rest on the pillow. This posture may signify a try to comfort oneself.

Those who opt the fetal position are thought to be thick-skinned and strong on the outside but passionate and sensitive on the inside.

2. The Log or Side Sleepers

- This posture is performed through lying straight on one side with arms expanded downward. Character habits of those who sleep in the log posture conclude an unwary nature. They love social activities and are easy-going individual who desire to be part of the throng.

3. The Yearner

- The yearner sleeps by his legs moderately bent and the head rather angled off the middle of the pillow. Their arms are frequently stretched forwards as though extending for something. This character traits can indicated conclude an open nature but they may also be human sincerity and doubtful.

4. The Soldier

- People who lay this posture are frequently reserved and noiseless. And they will set high excellence for themselves and others.

5. Freefall

- If you sleep on your tummy with your head turned to the side and your arms hugging the pillow, you’re one of those who choose the sleeping posture of freefall. Those who love the freefall position are frequent socially confident and impetuous.

6. The Starfish

- When you sleep on your back with your arms and legs stretch out, you’re considered a starfish. Starfish frequently make a better friend due to they choose to stay out of the limelight, are better listeners and constantly ready to help.