Milky White Abnormal Discharge Before Period: Meaning, Causes And When You Should Worry?

The watery discharge or vag!nal discharge is a thin mucus that comes out from the vag!na that the vag!na and cervix produce to lubricate and protects the vag!na.

Clear watery discharge is very normal, this is the way of the vag!na keeping it healthy. The normal vag!nal discharge is usually clear or milky white that also protects the reproductive organ from infections.

Vag!nal discharge is normal but if you notice some of the issues listed below you should consult a doctor:

Thin and clear

This comes after the period or before the next period, doctors said that the color of normal cervical discharge is clear white and sticky for normal menstrual cycle.

Milky white cervical discharge

This comes at the end of your menstrual cycle, this is completely normal and the amount of discharge decreases after ovulation.

Bloody or brown

Brown or bloody discharge just after your period is old blood, this is normal as the body cleans out any waste from your menstrual period. This is seen before your period could also be a sign of implantation bleeding.

White and clumpy

This may indicate vag!nal yeast infection the cause of itching around the vag!na, it is normal to have small amount of bacteria but if the mucus resembles like some cottage cheese then you should consult your OBGYNE.

Yellow or green

This can indicate vag!nal infection, this happens when a harmful bacteria infect the vag!na. This could also indicate STD (sexually transmitted disease) or Pelvic inflammatory disease PID.

Grayish discharge

This could also cause by infection, cervical discharge along with a burning sensation in the vag!na.

Causes of Watery Discharge

Menstrual Cycle – this watery discharge is part of the monthly menstrual cycle which is very normal. The discharge should not have any strong odor or unpleasant smell

Ovulation – this discharge is sticky white that looks egg whites, this is a sign of ovulation.

After sex – the water discharge is also seen after having an intercourse, this is because of the sexual excitement increase that will also trigger the discharge.

Pregnancy - normal discharge during pregnancy is thin, white, milky and only has a mild odor, but if you notice any changes to the color and consistency of the discharge and you have vag!nal itching, you should consult you OBgyne.