Good News! To All Qualified Indigent Senior Citizen Will Receive Social Pension Clears DSWD.

The Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010 or Republic Act 9994 will provide that only indigent older persons are covered by the Social Pension Program, this clarifies again Officer-in-Charge Emmanuel C. Leyco of Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

It state that, the law specifies only seniors qualified to receive the P500 monthly pension under the Social Pension Program of the Department are those who are frail, sickly or with disability; without any pension from other government agencies; and without a permanent source of income or source of financial assistance/compensation to support their basic needs.

Unfortunately, the budget for the Social Pension Program is limited. OIC Leyco explained that inasmuch as DSWD would want to include all senior citizens.

After eight years of implementation, many seniors are still asking why they are not included in the program he said.

About last year data, DSWD targeted some 2,809,542 indigent senior citizens for the Social Pension Program with a budget of P17, 107,527, 000.

According to DSWD for 2018, a total of three million indigent older persons are set to receive the monthly social pension with a total fund allocation of P19, 282,542,000.

The social workers of the local government units (LGUs) are tasked to conduct a validation/assessment to determine the qualified indigent senior citizens from the list submitted by the Senior Citizens Affairs Office (OSCA).

The validated list will then be submitted to the DSWD for final assessment the OIC further explained.

Aside from that, on the other issues regarding anomalies in the selection of beneficiaries, “Although issues of exclusion and inclusion may happen somewhere, the final list should still be validated by DSWD.

Furthermore, the Department’s regional offices are constantly monitoring the implementation of the program. If you hear of or witness any anomaly, report this immediately to any DSWD regional office or even inform us through our social media accounts.

Rest assured that we do not tolerate any corrupt practice in our program/project implementation,” he said.

This to help DSWD ensure that only the rightful beneficiaries should receive the pension OIC Leyco also included.

UCT for seniors

“Aside from the monthly pension of P500, the three million social pensioners for this year will also receive an additional P200 monthly subsidy under the Unconditional Cash Grant provided for by the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) Law.

The cash grant will be distributed to them in a lump sum of P2,400 within the month of March 2018. By the year of 2019 and 2020 target, the UCT subsidy will be increased to P300 per month he also added.” he also announced.