Quick Things You Must Do To Make A Woman Feel Better During Period

Do you need help with making your girl feel better when she’s on her period? Most men do.

Sometimes men have a hard time understanding what a woman goes through during her "time of the month", and therefore do not know what to do to help her.

Instead of being the guy who panics or bolts when his girl’s on her period, use these tips to be the guy who pampers her until she feels a lot better!

- Try to understand what a woman feels during the month.

Typically, monthly period is accompanied by abdominal pain, which in itself is not very nice. The intensity can vary from a few annoying aching to virtually paralyzing penetrating pain.

It is also a characteristic feature of mood swings are also women may experience headaches, anxiety, change in appetite, pain in the genital area, as well as feeling very tired or sleepy.

- Remind the woman about her merits

Compliment. Say what you will allow her to feel beautiful and intelligent. In addition, it will allow her to feel confident and slightly smooth out mood swings.

- Help her in the house.

If the accumulated daily work or the need to perform any assignment, take and take. Spare a woman from unnecessary stress, just after washing the dishes or wash clothes.

Because of this, you lighten the load of everyday worries and give her time to rest.

- Reassure her.

Make a woman a massage or just warm hug. Often enough to take the hand of a woman to feel better.

- Make her feel loved and desired.

Let a woman know you are glad that it is in your life. Tell them what it is a good friend, girlfriend or wife.

If she is at work or away from you, then call her cell phone, work phone, or just send an email to tell you how beautiful she is, charming and beautiful in every way.

- In no case, do not show disgust.

If she wants to talk about it, do not make awkward faces. If you do, it only shows that you do not care about it. It is also important to carry out all her requests.

So do not hesitate to go to the store for “female” means (tampons, etc.) and do not forget on the way to buy chocolates or her favorite magazine.

- Cook a nice meal.

It’s extremely difficult for women to cope up the blood lose during periods. So, cooking for her is really helpful during period.