Women Needs To Observe 7 Warning Signs Of Cervix Disease

Cervix also known as cervix uteri is the lower part of the uterus in female reproductive system.

Abnormal and multiple rapid cells in cervix can be a sign that cervical cancer can be developed.

This type of cancer can be life-threatening if it goes undetected or untreated and women are not aware of this.

Women got scared with early cervical cancers and pre-cancers but usually do not experience any symptoms, until a pre-cancer becomes a true damaging cancer when detected.

After sometime symptoms begin to appear when the cancer grows into a nearby tissue and becomes even more serious when cancer cells spread-out.

You need to be sure to contact your gynecologist immediately if you notice any of these warning signs.

Below are the 7 most common signs of cervical cancer:

1. Weight loss

A decrease in or even suppress appetite, there are signs of cervical cancer. The swelling of the cervix can compress the stomach, resulting in decreased appetite and weight loss.

2. Urinary problems

As the cervix swells, the bladder and kidneys may be compressed, obstructing the passage of urine. As a result, you may not be able to completely empty your bladder, causing pain or a urinary tract infection

3. Warts

The appearance of small warts (externally or internally) is a red flag for many diseases, such as: HPV, which can increase the chances of cervical cancer in all women.

4. Unusual discharge

The most common sign of cervical cancer which begins when cancer cells start growing inside the cervix. The cells of the uterine wall will begin to rid, which produces a watery discharge.

5. Anemia

If you feel tired all the time, and the eating habits are the same this means that you may have symptoms of anemia. It can be caused by excessive bleeding, which often accompanies cervical cancer.

6. Continuous pain in the legs, hips and back

Swollen cervix can affect your kidneys, bladder and other internal organs. Blood vessels may also be compressed, making it difficult for blood to reach the pelvis and legs, causing pain and swelling in the legs and ankles.

7. Pain or bleeding

This is the most typical and first symptoms that cervical cancer is happening. This is because of the cancer cells growing on the walls of the cervix that can dry out and even crack, causing discomfort and bleeding to the person infected with it.

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