These Are The 6 Dangerous Things Most Girls Usually Do During Their Period Time

When it comes to period or also called as menstruation, almost every girls knows how painful it could be, mostly the first and second day.

There are several things you should not do during your menstruation.

Among this time of the month, few of the women are blessed with an easy menstruation, while several go through hell.

But, with a discomfort or not, there are things that you should and there are things that you should not do:

1. Skipping Meals

- Skipping meals at this time of the month is an extremely bad idea. Fundamentally, during this period, you are losing an amazing deal of blood, so you need to eat correctly to remain your energy levels up.

2. Having Unprotected Sex

- It is very suggested not to have a sexual intercourse while you are on your menstruation. However, if you select you do it anyhow, you have to assure you use protection in order to avoid infections.

3. Physical Work

- Whenever you suffer stomach ache or pain in the back, you have to assure to avoid any physical works. By doing this, you’ll avoid additional complications and more pain.

4. Consuming Junk Foods

- You can consume more than normal (which is common), you have to assure it is not processed food. Additionally, consuming junk foods in the middle of the night may seem like a better plan, nevertheless your gut might disagree with you and trigger more ache.

5. Keep Away from Physical Work

- You should avoid doing any physical work if you suffer back or stomach ache during menstruation, which are one of the most frequent pains during that time. Due to this way it will only make your discomfort worse.

6. Stay Up All Night- Given the situation, it may take several time to fall asleep, but you’ll feel good if you turn in early. Put on some sleeping music’s from your cellphones and calm a bit.