Negative Effect Of Lack Of Sleep Can Cause 6 Dangerous Diseases

We all know that Sleep is of extreme importance for the overall health of the individual.

It is for both mentally and physically.

It is a way to recharge after the long and stressful day.

Actually, while we are asleep, millions of processes continue to happen in the body such as:

- Helping the brain to store the important data in the memory.

- The cells work to repair the damaged tissue and regenerate.

However, when we lack sleep, all these functions fail to be done on time, and we wake up cranky and have difficulties to concentrate the entire day.

It's your right to know that it’s more important, we experience numerous side effects which can significantly endanger our health.

According to studies it has found that sleep deprivation can cause serious, even life-threatening conditions, from heart diseases, diabetes, to cancer.

We listed below the 6 diseases which are caused by the lack of sleep:

1. Alzheimer’s

- Scientists at Johns Hopkins University conducted a study in 2013 which found that a lack of sleep can cause Alzheimer’s disease and also affect the speed of its progression.

2. Suicide

- A 2014 study showed the relation between the increased incidences of suicide in adults and poor sleep, regardless of the previous depression history.

Note: The most susceptible to this effect of sleep deprivation were white males, 85 years or older, so scientists attributed the increased suicide rate to poor sleep linked to health issues, and stress increased with age.

3. Obesity and Diabetes

- Numerous studies and scientists have pointed out the relation between poor sleep and diabetes, but a team of researchers at the University of Chicago conducted a study which showed the way poor sleep potentially leads to obesity, and ultimately, causes diabetes.

4. Cardiovascular Disease

- The link between heart problems and the lack of sleep has been suggested numerous times before, but the strongest evidence for the strong correlation has been found by a recent study and presented at EuroHeartCare, the annual meeting of the European Society of Cardiology.

5. Prostate Cancer

- The journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention, published a 2013 study which showed that patients with sleep issues had an increased incidence and severity of prostate cancer.

6. Ulcerative colitis

- According to a 2014 study, sleep deprivation, and excess sleep may lead to ulcerative colitis, which is an inflammatory bowel disease manifested by ulcers within the lining of the digestive tract, as well as Crohn’s Disease.

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