Detect This Early Warning Signs of Lung Disease That Women Should Never Ignore!

Lung cancer is considered as the second most common cancer in men and women.

Although the prevalence of lung cancer is near equal in both men and women, the warning signs of lung cancer can vary between the two greatly.

This is because men and women usually suffer from different types of lung cancer and therefor experience different symptoms, making it important to look out for the symptoms that are specific to your gender.

Listed below are the early symptoms this include:

- Fatigue

- Back and shoulder pain

- Shortness of breath when exercising

If the cancer grows, then symptoms may include:

- Shortness of breath

- Hoarse voice

- Harsh sound when breathing (medically referred to as stridor)

- Coughing up mucus or phlegm tinged with blood

- Coughing up blood

- Persistent cough

- Pain in chest, shoulders and back

- Increased mucus and a change in color

Did you know that Lung cancer in women is called adenocarcinoma? It develops on the outer part of the lungs. Unfortunately, the symptoms of adenocarcinoma are less obvious than in the other types of lung cancer.

We listed below some of the earliest symptoms of lung cancer in women:

- Appetite loss and unexplained weight loss

- Blood clots

- Shortness of breath while exercising

- Once the cancer grows the following symptoms appear

- Bone fractures that are not caused by accidental injury

- Joint or bone pain

- Back and shoulder pain

- Persistent cough

- Blood in the cough

- Headaches

- Loss of muscle mass

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