Simple Procedure To Examine the Health of Your Internal Organs in Just One Minute

With the use of this kitchen tool, you can find out what is wrong with your organs.

Would you consider it if someone told you that you can identify the health of your organs with the help of a spoon only?

Based to study conducted, the experiment needs a plastic bag, a spoon; you would also need to use your mouth and give a minute of your time.

This is the ideal way for you to examine the health of your organs, and another advantage is that it is entirely free.

Using this procedure, you can examine your metabolism, hormones, respiratory system, intestines and even kidneys.


- Get a spoon and drag your tongue. Start from the end of the tongue (throughout the throat) and take a bit of saliva.

- Next cover the spoon using a plastic bag. After a minute, examine the spoon and notice if it is healthy or not.

- If the spoon is clean, your organs are fine.

- Just for any instance, smell the spoon. If it has other smell than saliva, continue reading.

Put the spoon below the light:

- If the spoon contains a color of orange, it is a symptom of kidney disease, concluding chronic renal problem.

- If the spoon has few purple color on it, it indicates that you have high cholesterol, deficient circulation, or bronchitis.

- White color on the spoon indicates that you have some respiratory infection.

- Yellow or firm white color on the spoon means imbalance in the mouth or thyroid problem.

If the spoon has bad smell, it can be a signal of hygienic complication. If this is the instance, you should clean your teeth every day and swish two times a day.

Nevertheless, this can be a sign of bigger complications.