Remove Blackheads Naturally: Amazing Tricks On How To Get Rid Of Blackheads At Home

Blackheads can appear on any one at any age, these stubborn little like parasites that always mess up your dream to have that clear skin.

Blackheads are pimples without skin over them, because they get oxidized and become brown black small particles. This happens when they had been exposed to moisture and air.

The best skin treatment you can do is to prevent them before they even appear, but sometimes even the best regimen to the skin will result in still having a little of blackheads, that is why you need to remove then as fast as you could.

You may had heard a lot of ways and solutions on how to remove blackheads, but this remedy is being performed for those who are soft and easy to remove blackheads.

To be honest some blackheads are too stubborn and hard to remove, that is why reading this leads you to the right thing you can do to get rid of your blackheads. Here’s an effective remedy for removing stubborn blackheads.


1 tablespoon salt

2 table spoon toothpaste

2-3 ice cubes


This is what you need to do, so that your nose will be absolutely free from blackheads and achieve that clear skin you’ve always wanted.

In a clean small bowl put the 1 tablespoon of salt then add the 2 tablespoons of toothpaste.

Mix well these two ingredients until a thick nice paste appears.

Apply the mixture on nose for 5 minutes until dry.

Put a little water over it then gently massage into circular motion.

After cleaning rub the ice on it, his will help close the pores.How does it work?

Mint on toothpaste – it helps in the opening of pores and kills the bacteria, it also helps in deep cleansing the pores and in extracting out the blackheads.

Salt – has natural antibacterial properties that helps in defoliating skin naturally, and salt does not dissolve in toothpaste.

Note: these ingredients can make your nose red, which will last for a short time. If you experienced dry skin use a moisturizer after the treatment.