Contraceptives Pills : Dangers and Side Effects That Every Woman Should Know

Birth control pills are the most effective and most recommended by doctors to prevent unwanted pregnancy, but doctors did not explain the side effects that comes from it.

Doctors never explain the effects of it in the long term use as it will scare all of the women who are ready to try it or taking it now.

These pills has many bad effects on the body, birth control pills makes the menstrual cramps easier and it slows down menstrual cycle but below are list of dangerous side effects of birth control pills.

Side effects of Birth Control Pills:

1. Breakthrough bleeding – this is caused by hormones that makes the endometrial lining thinner and more fragile that will lead wear and tear.

2. Blood clots – are the most common side effects of pills, if you experience blood clot like swollen leg or chest pain stop consuming the pill and consult a doctor.

3. Mood swings – are commonly experienced by women who takes birth control pills but this can also lead to depression.

4. Destroys good bacteria – pills actually destroys good bacteria in the intestines, this will cause yeast overgrowth, low immunity and infection.

5. Disrupts ovulation – pills tend to release artificial hormones in a specific time to prevent ovulation, overtime the ovaries forget how to do their job because of the preventive signal made by the pills.

6. Damages the lining in the uterus – pills changes the lining in the uterine to avoid the implantation of fertilized egg, through time this lining is being thinner unnecessary for carrying a child even if you wanted it.

The birth control pills causes infertility with long term use, that is why if you are taking this at a very young age then stop if you don’t want to be infertile forever.