Check Yourself If You Have Diabetes in Just One Minute by Simply Using Your Hands

You can check whether you have Diabetes by your hands!

This problem has become widespread in today’s society – Diates Mellitus or DM, usually referred to as diabetes, is a group of metabolic problem in which there are high blood sugar levels more than a prolonged period.

You can really do a test to check diabetes which you can do in the comforts of your house. This will be performing by blood testing.

But first, let us be knowledgeable with the meaning of pre-diabetes.


When a person is identified with pre-diabetes, it indicates that he or she has blood sugar levels that are prominent than normal, but it is not yet a level of diabetic.

The name “prediabetes” comes from the instance that a lot of people who have this are on the way to become diabetic and, although not all with pre-diabetes enhance type 2 diabetes, some prediabetics will.

This does not indicate that you’ll become diabetic but long term prediabetes cause to other severe problems like heart diseases and nerve damage.

The symptoms are not actually visible so everyone should learn how to identify them.


The most significant symptoms for this problem are:
Increased Urination
Increased Thirst
Unexplained Loss of Weight
Blurry Eyesight
Increased Appetite
Sores Do Not Cure

Below is the step by step direction for substitute pre-diabetes diagnosed:

- Hold up your one finger if you’re a man, none of you are women.

- Hold up three fingers if you are 60 above of age, 2 fingers if you’re 50 above of age, and 1 finger if you’re 40 above of age, none if you’re below 40 years of age.

- Hold up one finger if you believe you do not get sufficient physical activity, none if you believe you’re physically lively enough.

- Hold up one finger if anybody in your relatives has diabetes, none if your relatives do not have a past of diabetes.

- Hold up one finger if you have high blood pressure, none if you have an average blood pressure.

- Hold up three fingers if you are seriously obese, two fingers if you are overweight, one finger if you are moderately overweight and no fingers if you are at well body weight.