BRACELET LINES: What These Bracelet Lines Tells About Your Health And How Long Will You Live

Palmistry, or palm reading to most people, is an ancient art which have been traced back several thousand years to India.

It is an ancient method of interpreting the fate and character of a given person based on the lines of their hand. Sometimes these lines even form figures and letters.

However, the focus of this particular article is on the bracelet lines, which are also called rascette lines. These are the horizontal running lines located on the underside of our wrists, at the junction which separates the arm from the hand.

More bracelet lines indicate a longer life; broken bracelets indicate ill health and difficulties in the whole life force of that individual.

The number of bracelets also represents the longevity of your life. The more bracelets you have, the longer you will live.

If the first bracelet is unbroken and clearly marked represents 23-28 years of life, and the second line indicates 46-56 years of life.

The third line indicates 69-84 years of life, and the fourth indicates more than 84 year of life.

Generally, very few people have the fourth bracelet. Usually, people have 2-3 lines.

Here`s the meaning of each line you have.

The first wrist line is the most important one. If your line is clear and deep it means good health and physical strength. On the other hand, if the bracelet is unclear and poorly formed, it means that the person is liberal and careless.

Women: If the bracelet is curved upwards in the base of the palm, or if it`s broken, it may indicate gynecological problems such as difficulty in conceiving or giving birth, irregular periods.

Men: If the bracelet is curved upwards in the base of the palm, or if it`s broken, it may indicate problems with the prostate, the urinary and with the reproductive system.

The second wrist line represents the wealth, happiness and prosperity in people`s life.

The third wrist line represents the name and fame of person`s life. If the line is straight and without any gaps or chains also means that this person is very influential.

The fourth wrist line is considered as parallel of the third line and it strengthens it.

It’s all very fascinating to think that there are hints buried in the wrists and palms of your hand which can reveal hidden truths and what your future holds.