Alarming Symptoms That Means Your Body Is Lack of Potassium

Keeping your levels of potassium is essential. Potassium is a mineral that is found in the foods you consume.

It supports your nerves to function and muscles to bond. It also supports move nutrients into cells and throws away products out of cells.

Potassium is not build by the body, so it is significant to eat the correct balance of potassium-high foods and drinks.

Below are the 6 alarming signs of low potassium level in the person’s body:

1. Constipation

It triggers cramping and abdominal bloating but the low level of potassium is not the main reason behind this. Hence, you have to know the types of food that results to constipation.

2. Bloated Feeling

Your body will find it difficult to control the sodium levels when you are low in potassium. Later on, it will cause to salt-induced bloating.

3. Heart Palpitations

Eventually low potassium may lead to irregular heartbeat and also palpitations. Arrhythmia is the outcome of electrical impulses through the lack of potassium.

Thus, it is essential to eat foods that are high in potassium to keep away from strokes and cardiovascular illnesses.

4. High Blood Pressure

It has been proven that potassium can decrease the effects of sodium in the body. To control your levels of blood pressure you must eat foods high in potassium.

5. Overall Fatigue

Feeling tired can eventually be the reason of low potassium not because of too much working yourself.

Each cell inside the body needs potassium, meaning that lack of potassium can impact the function of same cells and organs.

6. Numbness and Shivering

Potassium is actually important mineral in the body, which has the potential to improve the health of the nerves. Burning feeling and even numbness can be felt when your body is lack of potassium.