To All Ladies: You Should Pay Attention With The Top Signs Of Cervical Disease That Might Put Your Life In Danger!

Did you know that Cervix also known as cervix uteri is the lower part of the uterus in female reproductive system?

This abnormal and multiple rapid cells in cervix can be a sign that cervical cancer can be developed.

It is known that this type of cancer can be life-threatening if it goes undetected or untreated and women are not aware of this.

Many women got scared with this early cervical cancers and pre-cancers but usually do not experience any symptoms, until a pre-cancer becomes a true damaging cancer when detected.

In addition, this symptoms begin to appear when the cancer grows into a nearby tissue and becomes even more serious when cancer cells spread out.

We have listed the best-known risk factors for cervical cancer such as:

- Having multiple sexual partners

- Having unprotected sex

- Smoking or breathing in second-hand smoke

- Low immunity

- Cervical cancer may show no obvious or apparent signs as breast cancer.

Helpful Reminder: If in case you notice any of these warning signs, contact your gynecologist immediately .

Listed below some of the common signs of cervical cancer that you must be familiarized:

A. Urinary problems

- In case of cervix swelling, the bladder and kidneys may be compressed, and they may cause an obstruction of the passage of urine. Consequently, you may not be able to completely empty your bladder, which causes pain and/or a urinary tract infection.

B. Continuous pain in the legs, hips or back

- The swelling cervix also compresses internal organs, as well as blood vessels, which can make it difficult for blood to reach the pelvis and legs. This can lead to pain and swelling in the legs and ankles.

C. Unusual discharge

- When the cancer begins to grow inside the cervix, the cells of the uterine wall begin to rid, which produces a watery discharge.

D. Pain or bleeding

- There may also be rectal or bladder bleeding. Any bleeding outside your menstrual period should be investigated for it may indicate a serious health issue. Cervical cancer grows on the walls of the cervix which can dry out and even crack, causing discomfort and bleeding.

E. Anemia

- If your heart speeds up after normal exertion, or if you feel fatigue, but you have made no changes in your eating habits, you may have symptoms of anemia. Anemia can be caused by abnormal bleeding, which often accompanies cervical cancer.

F. Weight loss

- Most forms of cancers decrease or even suppress appetite. The swelling of the cervix can also compress the stomach, causing decreased appetite and weight loss.

G. Warts

- The appearance of small warts (externally or internally) serve as a red flag diseases such as HPV, which can greatly increases the chances of cervical cancer in women.

You need to take note that these symptoms do not necessarily signify cervical cancer, so only a physician can make a diagnosis. There are risk factors for developing HPV, and can be contracted by both sexes consult your gynecologist first.

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