Natural Ways To Cure Diabetes With Boiled Mango Leaves, Look How To Do It

Having diabetes is really alarming, as it has no specific cure; changing your eating habits and life style into a healthy one can only help regulate blood sugar levels.

There are also medications for controlling diabetes to live the normal life, but it also comes to a great price and side effects.

Diabetes as explained, it is a health condition where in the pancreas stops producing insulin that causes the blood sugar levels to rise.

Therefore, many diabetic patients or relatives are searching for natural alternatives to cure this disease.

The most effective and recommended natural cure for diabetes is mango leaves, although it is not well known.

Mango leaves for diabetes;

The fruits and leaves of mangoes are loaded with active compounds like gallic acid, flavonoids, mangaferin, caffeine acid to help in curing diseases, the extract from mango leaves helps in treating;

• Diabetes

• Asthma

In addition, mango leaves can also remove toxins from the body and protect it against allergies.

Mango leaves benefits;

• Controls blood sugar – mango leaves can help in improving insulin production and glucose distribution that will make the blood sugar be lower.

• Lowers bad cholesterol level – the vitamin C, pectin and fiber found in mango leaves may lower cholesterol levels.

• Prevents diabetic retinopathy – vitamin A found in mango leaves helps in eye health.

• Cure for Frequent urination

• Cure for Unexplained weight loss

• Cure for Blurred vision

How to use mango leaves;

The mango leaves should be picked fresh and the mango leaves needs to be young.

You will need 10 – 15 mango leaves.

To start, boil a glass of water then let the leaves boil with it for a minute.

Leave the boiled water with leaves overnight; in the morning drink this before consuming anything.

Take the mango tea daily as your medication for 2- 3 months.