Magical Beauty Secret: Permanent Skin Whitening Treatment at Home

You can achieve healthy skin without spending too much money on expensive products and treatments.

You can achieve your dream skin with 1 simple ingredient that you can find right in your own kitchen.

Tomatoes beauty secrets are surely a wide talk all over the world. It is believed that consuming tomato and doing tomato treatments will give you a healthy and beautiful skin.

It does not only provides brighter skin complexion but also make your skin tighter and prettier.

Tomatoes is rich in lycopene and anti-oxidants that give you those amazing beauty benefits.

This is a simple home remedy that only needs 1 ingredients and that is of course, Tomato.

Step 1

*Cut tomato in half, use only half of it and squeeze out its juice.

*Mix this juice with 1 spoon salt.

*Now use this mixture as natural exfoliator to remove dead skin in your face

*Leave it for 10 minutes and wash off

Step 2

*Juice out the other half of the tomato

*Mix it with rice flour then apply this mixture onto your face

*Leave for 20 minutes and wash off

Tomatoes will give you glowing skin, it also treats skin issues like acne, prevent excess oil production in your face and also prevents early signs of aging by smoothing your skin condition.

It acts as a natural sunscreen and natural bleaching agent.