Warning Symptoms That You Have Kidney Disease but You Always Ignore Them

Symptoms may differ from person to person, but most symptoms of Kidney Disease are being disregarded due to some of it are just unnoticeable.

Well, bad news is that your body is releasing warning signs and you just remain disregarding it.

These are the things that you should watch out for and if you find one of these signals, it is best to look for your specialist immediately.

1. Fatigue

Kidneys play a vital role in your body and in the production of red blood cells.

So when your kidney is weakening, it will lessen the production of red blood cells that may results to you from experiencing from chronic fatigue.

2. Itching

Toxins that go in our body are being cleared through the kidneys. If kidneys are not correctly working, then the toxin level increases and it is usual to feel itchiness when it occurs.

3. Inflammation

Kidney failure is one of the components to watch out for if you have inflammation due to imbalance of water and sodium amount in our body.

4. Anemia (lack of blood)

It occurs when there is insufficient red blood cells due to we do not obtain sufficient oxygen.

5. Back ache

Lower back ache can be a sign of kidney problem. If you get to this point then you may have reach the mature age of kidney illness like kidney stones or urinary tract infection (UTI).

6. Changes in Pee

If the kidneys are failing to work correctly then it may impact the pee. If this occurs your urine may seem like:

- Pee if foamy and bubbly

- Pee is dark and has a sturdy smell

- Always need to urinate

- Blood in the pee

7. Bad breath

As we said a while ago, kidneys help in disinfecting the body against the toxins.

So if your breath smells bad or if you suffer rust-like-taste in your mouth, it may be an indication that your kidneys are weakening due to it does not take away the toxins from your body.