Things You Need To Know Why You Should Keep a Plastic Of Water Outside of your Home

The summer is approaching and of course, many people love summer it is the time where you can do a lot of activities.

But mosquitoes, flies and other insects are roaming around anywhere, this is an annoying situation.

However, in every problem that we encounter there are solutions that can be done.

There are some tricks and tips to make your house protected from these insects and pests.

Although they have the ability to be alive while the insect repellants and fly traps are too expensive and contain a lot of chemicals that may harm us.

It is best to have alternatives to remove of the insects but in low expense way. It is really good to discover clever and simple tricks that is environment-friendly and no harmful chemicals that give you the way to enjoy the summer season.

Homemade fly trap

A heavy duty freezer bag
Table Salt
Lime Juice
A few Coins

Mix all these items inside the freezer bag and instantly you will have hanging tools that will be the nightmare of the flies inside your house.

Hang the plastic bag up above outside your door using a rope or small cable.

It is best to keep the bag near to outdoor light, lamp or any source of light so that day and night at your house will be safe from flies.

The shiny reflection of the coins inside the plastic bag will produce a discomforting and bad appearance for the flies’ eyes.

The flies have different eyesight, and the effect of the device we made is that it creates an image and illusion that will prevent them to go near closer to the plastic bag.

The flies have a total of 3,000-6000 lenses these are for them to see the world in a mosaic pattern.

The coins inside the bag with water breaks and produce delusional refraction that makes them confuse and force them to be away from your home or any place you desire.