Sleeping With A Mobile Phone Near Your Head Can Lead To Brain Damage and Can Harm Your Health

Mobile phones became inevitable, most of us use mobiles phone anywhere and everywhere, and even going to sleep we put our phones near us.

What many of us unaware about negative effects on our body, while some just don’t pay really attention to it or don’t think it is as a very serious matter.

Around 44%of people through the world are always using their phones when their on the bed and before going to sleep or just to take a short nap and some even put their phones above their forehead or below the pillow.

Some use their phones as alarm clock or just don’t want to mishear any phone calls.

But for whatever reasons, this kind of behavior can give too much trouble and harm to your health.

Mobile phones release radiation that can cause brain damage.

The body tissues acquire radiation of energy to the brain; also answering phone calls too close to your ears can cause tissue destruction and may lead to cancer.

Tactics to prevent harmful effects due to mobile phone:

-Limitation of usage of mobile phones, avoid using, checking phones to much. Minimize the calls and answering phone calls. Radiation is high during phone calls; it is more advised to just text.

-Avoid using load speaker mode better yet use earphones or head phones while having calls. Using -earphones will lower the risk and quantity of radiation that the body can consume.

-put your phones away from your bed when you go to sleep.

-better yet put your mobile phones off at night, it also helps you to have better sleep since no one can disturb you.

Still, the best way to avoid chances of being expose to potentially dangerous radiation is to limit the usage of mobile phone; and keeping them away from you when you go to bed, stop putting it near to you or below your pillow.