Potential Life Savers: Warning Signs That You Will Be Having A Heart Attack in 30 Days

They say heart attack is a silent killer as it happens so suddenly, but not all comes with a sudden crushing chest pain.

The heart attack is different with each person, some people has only few symptoms and to be shocked that they had heart attack.

There are different things that can contribute to heart attack, this includes age, heredity, high blood pressure, cholesterol, obesity, poor diet, alcohol, stress and physical activeness.

Aside from these factors you can recognize a potential heart attack if it is coming in 30 days with these signs and symptoms.

Fatigue – the contraction of arteries, this can cause lack of blood supply in the body. This will make the body feeling tired and drowsy.

Dizziness and Cold Sweats – poor circulation of blood may result in low blood flow in the brain, this signifies a serious health condition not to be ignored.

Shortness of Breath – the organs are connected to each other that is why if the blood that goes to the heart is not enough then the lung will also suffer for having less oxygen. This will result in difficulty of breathing, need medical assistance.

Chest pressure – this is a sign of obvious heart attack, a discomfort on the chest area must not be ignored, this is a build up before a heart attack.

Flu – having a cold and flu is also a symptoms of heart attack build up, this is a sign that no one can develop a healthy system before a heart attack.

These signs and symptoms are guide to help our body be healthy, it is best to get a checkup if symptoms appear. You can save your life or others life.