Health Guide: Proper Way Of Wearing Face Mask - Which Color Should Face The Inwards and Outwards

Whenever we come out of our house we are exposing our self into different viruses, germs and bacteria that is around us.

Some have a health problem like coughs and cold, which is easily be transmitted to other person over a short distance or direct contact, as the viruses, bacteria or germs can be easily spread by air which can possibly infect everyone.

Face mask usually worn by a sick person with a cough or sneezing disease when they expect to interact with other person, to help others from catching their illness.

Other person also use face mask as a protection to lessen the chances of getting some bacteria or germs around.

Face mask or surgical mask cover our nose and mouth which is one of the effective way as a protection to catch up some diseases and in preventing the spread of infections, viruses and bacteria.

Make sure to wash your hand before putting and after taking off the face mask, as our hands is one of the major parts of our body which can spread viruses and germs.

And it is important to never re-use or share the used face mask as it is already maybe infected with viruses and bacteria.

If you notice, face mask or surgical mask has a two sides, which is usually in a blue or green and white color, which has a specific meaning as what side you should use.

Points to remember in wearing face mask / surgical mask:

-If you are the sick person and you want to protect others to catch up any viruses from you, you must use white side to be in inner part which touches your face and the blue side to be in outer part.

-If you are a healthy person, an wants to protect yourself on getting some bacteria and viruses, use the blue side to be in your inner part which touches your face and the white side to be in outer part.

-This is because the Blue colored side helps to prevents fluids from going inside your nose or mouth, and the White side works as a filter that blocks germs, viruses and bacteria from entering when you inhale and exhale.

Who should wear face mask?

-Person with some respiratory disease
-Person who take care of the patient
-Person who is visiting a hospitals and clinics
-Health Care workers
-Person in poorly ventilated places or crowded