OWWA Top 10 Exclusive Privileges and Benefits For Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW)

Overseas Worker Welfare Administration or OWWA offers many benefits from OFW who is a registered member.

All members are entitled to the benefits regardless of what their employer offers and the laws of the country they are working in. This kind of benefits that OWWA provides is a great advantage to all OFW.

Benefits of OFW’s:

Life Insurance – the family of the deceased will receive Php100,000 for a natural death or Php200,000 for accidental death.

Burial – the benefit amounts to Php20,000, this is an addition upon death.

Educational Benefits - scholarship for Vocational, Bachelors and Seafearers(should be a member of beneficiary). A recipient can get Php10,000 – Php 20,000 for school fees and allowance depending if you are vocational or bachelors. The seafearers will receive 1,200 up to 7,500.

Disability and Dismemberment – coverage for disability and dismemberment is php2,000 – Php50,000 it depends on the individuals condition.

Total Disability – a member shall receive Php100,000 upon permanent disability.

Social services and Family Welfare Assistance – this may include social preparation program as well as livelihood loans.

Workers Assistance and On site Services – this is an assistance for members for them to have legal counseling, medical assistance about other OFW, and so much more.

OWWA is great in providing assistance and development for OFW’s as they secure the future of our fellow Overseas Filipino Workers.