Stress Symptoms: Warning Signs You're Over-stressed And You Don't Know It

Stress enables us to function in a balanced manner, and while under stress we can’t see the many symptoms it conjures up.

Stress can be the underlying reason for many of our ailments.

It lowers the immune system, causing us to get sick and acquire pain in the body.

Sometimes you know you’re overstressed, and you realize that you have to take time off work or retreat from your social obligations for a while.

It is also common to be constantly operating at a low level of burnout, suffering from overstressed mind and body without ever even knowing it.

And in such cases, your immune system function is impaired and you’re more likely to struggle with emotional difficulties.

We listed below the nine warning signs that you’re overstressed and need to practice more self care:

1. Constantly thinking about your job - you are also under a huge stress if you are constantly thinking about finances, work, obligations, and cannot relax. Until you detach from the problem, you cannot solve it.

Note: Worrying will just complicate things even more, and cause various psychological and physical problems. Find some time to enjoy the moment, and stop checking your cell phone, and looking at the calendar for your next meeting. Relax and spend some time with the dearest ones.

2. Hair loss - there are many medical causes of hair loss, but research shows that undergoing extreme stress can change your physiological functions to the extent that too many of your hairs go into the “resting phase” at once. You may therefore lose up to double the usual amount of hair around 3-4 months after the onset of stress.

Note: If your doctor can’t find a purely physical cause for your unexpected hair loss, it could be that you’ve been overstressed for ages without ever really acknowledging it.

3. Little patience for others - if you have become impatient, angry, intolerant, and irritated, even towards the closest friends and family, you may be exhausted from everything you are going through. You need to slow down and manage stress, as it seriously and negatively affects your everyday life.

4. Major mood swings - if stress influences your hormone levels, you may experience major mood swings, with drastic differences. Stress may lead to anxiety, addictions, obsessive compulsive disorders and other mental health issues, so make sure you talk to someone or do something to deal with stress and prevent further complications.

5. Pain in the body - usually, people ignore the pain in the body, but it is a big mistake, which may indicate a serious health problem. Stress may cause your body to start breaking down, causing chest pains, stomach issues, ulcers, diarrhea, tense muscles, and palpitations.

6. Inability to sit still - if you are overstressed, you will become restless, anxious, and uncomfortable with your own mind. You need to address the issue, face your fears and thoughts and soothe your troubled mind. Yet, never ignore the problem, as it will become even bigger.

7. Sleeping issues - in case your sleep patterns are drastically changed recently, and you do not sleep or sleep too much due to fatigue, you need to make a change in your lifestyle, as you are probably overstressed.

Note: In the case of stress, the sleep is the first thing affected. Try some relaxing techniques like yoga, exercise, healthier diet, and meditation, to reduce stress.

8. Weight fluctuations - stress may cause sudden weight fluctuations, as it can slow down metabolism, and cause weight gain, and it can also cause appetite loss and weight loss.

Note: If you experience some of these without some evident reason, you should examine the problem and try a proper treatment.

9. Weakened libido - Libido is also affected by stress, so the higher the stress levels, the fewer hormones for sexual response. Stress results in exhaustion and the inability to experience intimacy.

Note: If you experience a loss of libido, you should try some relaxation technique as your love life and relationships should not be affected by stress as well. Even better, open up and discuss your problems with your partner.