Facts About The Health Dangers of Wi-Fi : A Silent K!ller That K!lls Us Slowly

Wi-Fi also known as Wireless fidelity it is a wireless network in which you can connect to many devices without the use of cables that's why it is called wireless.

Today Wi-Fi is found everywhere and anywhere.

The mobiles phones benefit mostly from it, and the companies which make them have specific instructions for the services so they do not damage our health.

All We know that in this modern technology, the Wi-Fi signal is readily available: in our homes, workplace – everywhere.

Many people think that it’s a great way of connecting many mobile devices and laptops – without using any cables.

The companies that make the mobile phones must follow certain rules and instructions and make these devices safe for us – but still, we aren’t hundred percent sure that these devices are proven safe for us.

Here are some of the Consequences of Exposure to Wi-Fi:

1. Pain in the ears

2. Lack of concentration

3. Sleep problems

4. Strong and often headaches

5. Chronic fatigue

Even though we can`t live without the technology, we have to find a new way to save ourselves from its negative effects upon the health and least risk it may gives us.

We offer several advice about how to decrease the potential damage and how to safely use the router.

How To Protect Children From Electromagnetic Waves

1. Turn off the Wi-Fi when you do not use it

2. Do not put the router in the bedroom or kitchen

3. Disconnect Wi-Fi programs before you go to bed

4. Use cable and home phones, instead of wireless ones

We must admit that the technology is just a segment of our life that we cannot live without.

Knowing that fact, the only thing we can do is learn a way to protect ourselves from its harmful effects and its danger to our own life. Just know how to use it wisely.

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