Doing this while on shower will Increase risk of Ovarian C@n cer

The woman has ovaries that produces a woman's eggs and female hormones, each of the ovary is about the size and shape of an almond.

Ovarian cancer is rare, but based on some studies this causes more deaths than other female reproductive cancers.

Ovarian cancer is listed one of the most dangerous disease, which is also known as the “silent killer” and women are broadly affected by this disease.

Experts in USA say that some women practice intimate vaginal cleansing, because they think it would make them cleaner. However this can turn out to be really dangerous.

The truth, most women don’t know that rinsing is spraying water or liquid water directly in the vagina.

Related to this survey it is discovered, 29% of women or 232 people actually said that they are regularly washed and 57% said that they never done it.

And also according to this recent research, it was discovered that flushing can be related to pelvic inflammatory disease, cervical cancer, and fungal infections and can reduced a woman’s fertility.

That according to many women, they believe that washing can increase the vagina purity, but regardless of their belief they do not know that this can definitely cause some serious and dangerous health problems like ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer as also called the silent killer, because in many cases women usually do not have any symptoms of ovarian cancer until the disease comes to the end of its stage and too late to cure it.

The link between rinsing the vaginal area and ovarian cancer is even stronger, since the researchers made this only to those women who do not have cancer related genes in their family history.

This information is greatly important if shared to women who you are concerned with, as this disease is very dangerous when acquired.