Severe Signs of Cervical Disease All Girls Should Never Ignore

Cervical cancer is one of the most common cancers in women worldwide.

The symptoms of cervical cancer aren't always obvious, and it may not cause any symptoms at all until it's reached an advanced stage.

That's why it's important for women to have regular Pap tests.

A Pap test can find changes in cervical cells before they turn into cancer. If you treat these cell changes, you may prevent cervical cancer.

Below are the 10 early warning signs of cervical cancer women shouldn't ignore:

1. Abnormal Vag inal Bleeding

Abnormal vag inal bleeding between periods, after intercourse, or after menopause. Although this could be due to other medical conditions, it is a telltale sign of possible cervical cancer.

2. Unusual Vag inal Discharge

This could be a result of bacterial vaginosis, menopause symptoms, or yeast infection. If the smell is very foul, becomes a more common occurrence, or is brownish, heavy, pale, or blood-tinged, it could be a sign of cervical cancer.

3. Discomfort While Urinating

Pain during urination can be a sign of cervical cancer, this is a symptom that usually occurs when the cancer has already spread to the bladder.

4. Pain During Intercourse

Pain during intercourse can be a late onset symptom of cervical cancer, and could indicate that the cancer has spread throughout the reproductive organs and tissues.

5. Heavier & Longer Menstrual Periods

Abnormal and heavier menstrual periods are another sign of cervical cancer. Irritation of the cervix, possibly due to cervical cancer, can also occur.

6. Loss of Bladder Control

Bladder control is a big issue when it comes to cervical cancer, and it’s one area of the body where cervical cancer commonly spreads.

7. Body Pain

A common symptom of cervical cancer is body pains, more specifically, pain in the leg, back, and/or pelvis. Women with cervical cancer often experience swelling of the legs, because the cancer spreads and obstructs blood flow.

8. Constant Fatigue

Constant fatigue could also be a sign, especially if it is in conjunction with some of the other symptoms mentioned in this article.

9. Unexplained Weight Loss

The body produces small proteins called cytokines, which break down fat at a much higher rate than normal. This leads to weight loss, irrespective of your diet, when you are fighting disease. As with many other cancers, the same applies here.